Slow Down Time

With the Help of Water, Happiness, and Perhaps a Laser or Two

If you can name it, it’s quite possible that Leslie Parreco has either completed it, learned it, or traveled to it at some point in her adventurous life. From singing in the Washington, DC jazz circuit, to playing piano, to gaining her skipper’s license and sailing in Australia, Leslie has attempted and most likely succeeded in more activities in her life than most people will ever experience. In addition, she also picked up over the years hobbies such as scuba diving, horseback riding, playing the piano, and cycling. Of her adventures, Leslie says, “I’ve always been a big risk-taker.” This has included changes in her career path, from working at Ulta Cosmetics, to the Department of the Navy, and now as an esthetician.

One of Leslie’s many accomplishments include those in her field of medical aesthetic services at Elite Body & Med Spa. In the time she’s spent in the field, Parreco has learned and mastered a wide variety of techniques, with some of her favorite being laser work. She’s had the pleasure of learning dozens of lasers and plans on continuing to learn more, explaining that “Education has been a continuous path for me. My parents were lifelong learners. My mother raised seven kids and then in her senior years did a lot of studying and learning.” Leslie has spent time at prestigious schools such as the Rocky Mountain Laser College and the International Dermal Institute.

Currently, Leslie is qualified on four body contouring devices, including sculpting, nine lasers and several radio frequency devices. Of the services she provides, Leslie says “I love treating clients. It’s fun to make people feel good. It’s fun to help get their confidence back. We do see amazing results. You can’t stop the hands of time,” Parreco reminds, “but you can certainly slow them down.” You can do this by visiting the Med Spa, and Leslie says also with simple daily habits such as drinking water, sleeping well, and eating healthy, nourishing foods.

Leslie Parreco

Elite Body & Med Spa, 4795 Larimer Pkwy, Johnstown



“You’re not going to look back and regret what you did, but what you didn’t do. So take the risk. I’ve been exposed to hundreds of cultures and it’s been fantastic to learn how other people define everything. Love and beauty are defined differently everywhere. It gives me peace too. Things change, but there are some things that won’t change.”

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