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Parker Men of Influence Share Lessons Learned Along the Road of Life

There is value in our work, what we do every day to earn a living and support our families and those around us. We know this to be true. Here, Parker Lifestyle’s Men of Influence bring that truth into focus by sharing what they’ve learned along their different life journeys. Both of these Parker men may leave the house every day to do something completely different, but each one says he strives to use his work to make the world a better place to live.

Marcus Mason


Nothing But Net Elite Basketball Coaching

Learn how to chase your passion. That’s one of the lessons basketball coach Marcus Mason says he tries to drill into the 2,000 athletes who attend his Nothing But Net Elite Basketball programs each year.

“I think life is so much about being able to chase your passion,” Marcus says, “but you have to educate yourself to be the best at whatever you want to do.”

Marcus is the founder of Nothing But Net Elite Basketball Coaching in Parker, which he started after a six-year career as a coach at the University of Denver and the Middle Tennessee State University, his alma mater.

Marcus has trained kids who have gone to Division 1 programs and to the NBA, including Parker’s Derrick White, who currently plays for the San Antonio Spurs. From the beginning of his coaching career, Marcus says, he wanted to teach more than just dribbling and full-court press.

“My inspiration was my personal experience growing up. I was never a kid who people in effect gave a lot of credit to,” Marcus says. “I didn’t have a strong support system when it came to academics and sports. It made me want to be the coach who was more hands-on and looked out for my players and equip them the correct way for the real world.” 

Marcus says his coach at Middle Tennessee State was a pivotal inspiration, teaching him more about the game, yes, but most importantly about life lessons: trust and loyalty and attention to detail.

“My vision grew at that point,” says Marcus, describing how his coach inspired him to become a coach himself so he could then inspire a lifetime of kids.

“I feel I’m leaving a true legacy and giving some really neat tools for kids to springboard into life.”

WORDS TO LIVE BY: "Be coachable. Work hard at what you do. Learn how to have fun, and enjoy the process of doing it."

Dr. Christopher Messana

Dermatologist and Skin Cancer Surgeon

Elevated Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery Center

Dr. Christopher Messana of Parker says he’s blessed to be living the best of both worlds. As a dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon, he owns Elevated Dermatology in Parker with his wife, Dr. Kate Messana. 

He says it’s a gift to be able to earn a living helping people and to also do so with your life partner. The two moved to Parker three years ago after Christopher completed his Mohs surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic, and together they founded their practice. 

Christopher says he is inspired daily by the sincere gratitude of his patients and their family members.

“I saw a patient yesterday who had a very aggressive form of skin cancer and was in the office after surgery for suture removal. She is doing well and healing beautifully. She gave me a tearful hug and thanked me for saving her life. That's why I love what I do. What a gift to serve people in this way.

“I’m also inspired by my wife's absolute dedication to improving the health of our patients and to being an extraordinary mother and wife,” Christopher says.

The Messanas have two young daughters and say they spend as much time in the mountains as they can.

“On the personal side, our two beautiful children keep me and my wife on our toes and challenge us to be the best parents, role models and partners we can be.”

WORDS TO LIVE BY: "In the end, nothing matters more than how much we care about the quality of what we do. I've also learned that nothing worthwhile is accomplished quickly or easily."

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