Let It Glow

One Creative Couple Inspiring People to Take the Ordinary and Make It Extraordinary

Article by Nicole Browning

Photography by Spencer and Kaitlyn Jordan

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

There’s something inherently cozy and vibrant about the Christmas season. The holidays have a way of wrapping you up in a warm hug, bundling you in, bringing you closer to loved ones. Yet while it seems like once Christmas is over (and that feeling is dampened when all the holiday trimmings are packed up and put away), Vessel is here to remind you that this glorious, Yuletide-y feeling is never too far away—and can be felt year-round.

“There’s this unity in the air … and somehow, some way, we at Vessel help inspire and show people they can have that Christmas warmth all year long,” explains owner Spencer Jordan. Spencer and Kaitlyn Jordan, co-owners of Vessel and husband and wife, welcomed me into their lofty studio apartment with a cup of tea and charcuterie, and as we sat on plush, pillowy couches and talked into the gloomy autumn night, it was impossible to miss that they are the definition of practicing what they preach.

Kaitlyn eloquently explains, “Vessel is a lifestyle brand and creative agency with a dream to inspire others and create beautiful places—first inside of themselves, and then expanding and building that life into their home or business.” Spencer’s background is in media, which he brings to the table through videography, branding design and photography, to name just a few of his offerings. Kaitlyn specializes in aesthetics and hospitality, focusing on the beauty of curating a space and the way warmth can be invited in with the right attention to detail. From rebranding a company to helping them welcome in clients, to event organization and design projects, there isn’t much Vessel won’t (can’t!) do. “We design weddings, proposals and special events, and we create media for brands and businesses,” Kaitlyn states simply.

And it isn’t about creating an aesthetic to draw in the “likes,” or polishing the surface without bringing depth. Vessel represents the exact opposite. “We’re not trying to create a utopia and make people think life’s perfect. We’re trying to show people that you can create something so much more than just base-living.” Spencer and Kaitlyn are adamant that deepening the connection within communities will reflect outwardly, creating that warmth and pulling the inner beauty to the surface. 

And they want Vessel to be about so much more, too. “We’re launching a journal, and planning a podcast that will cover topics people want to hear about—whether it’s beautifying your space or uplifting your perspective. We want to inspire people to create atmospheres that enable others to feel at home and wanted,” Kaitlyn shares about Vessel’s plans, looking into the future.

Vessel started out as an idea on a whiteboard after an inspired night out in Raleigh, North Carolina. Now, it’s an established, refined lifestyle brand right here in Cincinnati that cultivates beautiful moments for events, businesses and families alike. Love something specific you see on their Instagram? Soon enough, they’ll have a selection of their favorite home goods available online for purchase as well. Their tagline says it all—inspiration for home and life. | @vesselinspired

The significance of our name ‘Vessel’ is a reminder of who we are. We believe we are called to be vessels that carry love, joy, peace, kindness, patience and goodness—and that’s anywhere we go. It applies to how we treat others, how we are at work and at home. - Kaitlyn

We’re inspiring people to create a warm atmosphere, to find the beauty, and to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. - Spencer

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