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Driver's Notebook Test Drive: Audi Q3

Article by Nathan James Finneman

Photography by Nathan James Finneman

Originally published in Cherry Creek Lifestyle

The SUV world is in an interesting place in 2019. The options are endless and the features can border on excessive. When it comes down to it, what are the real reasons for driving one? 

Audi has always been innovative about automotive technology. They were one of the first companies to incorporate airbags; they were also one of the first companies contributing to the development of parking assist.

Decades of innovation and they still continue to impress. Which is a great segue to this month's test drive: The all-new Audi Q3.

At first glance, the Audi Q3 looked like the typical German luxury SUV: premium wheels, sport-inspired body lines, and a touch of class.

The interior had way more legroom than expected from a midsize SUV. During the test drive, I was surprised by how sharp the steering was. The handling was nearly that of a sports car. The power was smooth and what has come to be expected from an Audi.

I really enjoyed how the Q3 drove; the transmission shifts were almost unnoticeable. The steering wheel button interface was incredibly user-friendly.

Now let’s get to the features.

The Q3 options list is extensive. Getting into every detail might possibly take forever, literally. But here are a few features that caught my eye.

Let's start with what is known as the “Audi phone box with signal booster.” Imagine driving on a remote road, needing to make a call, but are experiencing very low-quality cell phone reception. Audi has thought outside of the box and developed an integrated cell phone signal booster.

Another attention-grabbing feature was the Audi-developed Active Lane assist. The Audi active lane assist is an evolution of the Audi lane assist system; unlike the lane assist system, which can only warn drivers when leaving their own lane, the active lane assist system can help steer the car to stay in the correct lane. With distractions while on the road at an all-time high, this is an amazing, potentially life-saving feature.

Audi has don’t a wonderful job with the Q3. If in the market for a mid-size SUV that not only gets the job done but does so with some sophistication, the Q3 won't steer you wrong. 

Take a test drive at Prestige Imports. 

  • Nathan James Finneman @sirdrifto
  • Nathan James Finneman @sirdrifto