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Naborforce Bridges the Gap Between Full Independence and Homecare for Older Adults

Naborforce is a service for older adults that bridges the gap between full independence and home/companion care. Its main goal is to create joy through social engagement with its elderly clients. Clients are connected to a network of “Nabors” for on-demand support for errands, transportation, and small chores around the home. 

This is a service you can rely on for help keeping your parents – or you – independent and happy. Enabling productive, connected, and joyous living is the mission of Naborforce. Whether you’re busy balancing your career, raising kids, living out of town, or just need an extra set of hands, Naborforce may be your perfect partner. 

The holidays can especially be a hectic time. Older adults have often been following the same routine for years, even decades. But some are no longer able to do everything. That’s where a Nabor can chip in. Consider: 

Help At Home
Sometimes, we all need an extra set of hands around the house. During the holiday season, your older adult may need help unpacking the holiday decor, setting up the Christmas tree, and adding decorations. Perhaps they need help cleaning the fine China, polishing the silver, and ironing the linens for an upcoming holiday meal. Making a holiday gift list as well as buying and wrapping presents are tasks that take a lot of energy to accomplish. And many older adults enjoy sending holiday cards, but find buying, addressing, writing, and mailing is just too much to do on their own. Some older adults may want to continue a holiday tradition of making a craft or holiday cookies for their family and friends. 

Outside the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, many older adults use Nabors to help with preparing meals, cleaning out and organizing the house, working computers, tablets and smartphones, and caring for family pets. 

Running Errands 
Everyone seems to have more running around to do during the holidays. Perhaps your older adult can no longer drive, but your schedule is too busy to help. Let a Nabor assist with getting your loved one to medical appointments, shopping outings, trips to the hair and nail salon, the library, community events, social gatherings, church services, and more. A Nabor can also help with grocery shopping, pharmacy needs, the post office, dry cleaning, holiday gift shopping, delivering cookies and presents, or even taking items to be donated to charity.  

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