Let the Bottle Find Whatever Shore it Will.

Brandon Decker on art, entrepreneurship and fatherhood.

I first met Brandon Decker on a dusky spring evening at Janey’s Coffeehouse in Cave Creek to purchase his hand-crafted perfume Agua De Sedona for my store Desert Moon Market. He was headed to Tucson from Sedona, so we figured this would be a great chance to meet and test out the fragrance. He arrived dressed in the kind of effortlessly cool attire you’d see on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, with a beautiful girl in tow, and a box of perfume in hand.  

I didn’t know much about Brandon prior to this first meeting, other than he had crafted an insanely beautiful aroma that was sweeping the local boutique scene. I would later find out Decker is a bit of a multi-hyphenate. He’s not only a perfumer, he is a musician- recording and performing his original songs as The Decker Band- and, most importantly, a father.

Brandon decided to start his body care company, Sedona Spirit Water in 2020 when live entertainment was canceled indefinitely. Decker recalls, “I had spent my adult life as a touring musician and when that came to a halt, with all the uncertainty, I felt inspired to create something new. I spent months learning and became truly obsessed with creating a wonderful blend.”

During that confusing time, Decker, being the artist that he is, alchemized uncertainty and aromatics into a bottle that took him places when the music couldn’t. And now his fragrances are in 50 stores and counting. To find success as an artist and entrepreneur is unconventional; one must believe they can make something out of nothing, and then- share it with the world.

What I remember most about that first meeting was Decker’s genuine interest in myself. It seemed he valued our connection as much, if not more, than the financial opportunity. While he is, perhaps somewhat to his chagrin, a businessman, he’s foremost an artist whose success can also be attributed to his ability to connect and inspire others. Decker says he, “[feels] an imperative to do what I am inspired by. Mostly this has been to bring people together in a space of inspiration so that we may all feel inspired and hopeful. I bleed my art, creations, and endeavors, whatever they are. That is all that there is.”

Decker’s creativity flows through all his endeavors. From crafting the perfect perfume blend to creating music, it’s clear Brandon Decker has followed the right muse. Yet, beyond his varied endeavors, fatherhood is his most cherished role. He says, “Fatherhood is everything to me. My son is my life. There is no love like it and nothing that touches it. He is my best friend and my inspiration. I am constantly challenged to be a better human in every way.”

Brandon Decker is a creative person who is passionate about his work and fatherhood. He has a successful body care line and enjoys creating music. He also cherishes his role as a father and finds inspiration in his son. It’s great to see that he is constantly challenged to be a better human in every way. As for what’s next for him, he said “I will let the bottle find whatever shore it will”.

The Decker Band is releasing their eighth studio album, Ouroboros, on June 9th. For a full list of body care offerings, visit

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