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Let The People Graze

Cured is Reimagining the Way People Connect to Food and Food Connects to People

Article by Kelly Ernst

Photography by Jimena Peck | Stylist Nikki Malloy

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

In a world that is over-consumed by Amazon Prime and national chain grocery stores, there are constant threats to our food eco-system. Despite the shift to mass production, there appears to be a glimmer of hope. The industry is at a significant turning point, moving away from cheap and mass-produced and pioneered by people dedicated to preserving the quality food so integral to our culture.  Something that Amazon will never be able to deliver in two-hours is a conversation over a table of friends, the cheese selection from the fromagerie down the road, and the gathering of a community. 

Sharing a meal is what brings people together and keeps them fighting. Boulder’s most reputable cheese, charcuterie, and wine shop Cured has managed to dive a level deeper and identified a subtlety in the narrative as refined as the charcuterie boards they serve. Rather than the narrative of food bringing together the people, as is so frequently spun in the industry, Cured recognized that it is the complex histories, the many chapters, the adoption of new cultures and the foreign homes that brought joy into their hearts that informs the food they choose to gather around. More important than smiles, they share an expression of absolute appreciation for beautifully curated food and wine; a direct reflection of the places, heart, and culture of the people gathering around it. 

Will and Coral Frischkorn, the owners of Cured, are exploring different ways of connecting with their friends. Gathered in their backyard, the Cured couple served the newest addition to their catering repertoire— The Grazing Table—to close friends while their children ran around them, and grandparents told stories of surfing in years past. The Grazing Table is a spread of seasonal, and coveted delicacies that interact with their guest’s histories and traveled palettes. Cured is deconstructing preconceived elements of catering by moving past the stringent passed apps and plated style, reserved in our minds for the formality of a conservative wedding. Backyard gatherings can affordably be catered so that hosts can relax while they enjoy their company, without a need to bother over the next plate, while convening over intricate selections of crudites, dips, seasonal fruit, and oysters alongside Cured’s signature boards of cheese and charcuterie. 

“Like so many things we’ve done at Cured, we first started offering these realizing that it was what we were doing and loving to eat at home!” says Coral.  

The Grazing Tables are a natural way to engage with food, emphasizing interaction in a budget-friendly way. These tables are endlessly customizable and can accommodate any size group from a small gathering at home to hundreds of people celebrating together. The ability to grow with any gathering is the beauty, from a gorgeous wooden board for pick-up, to fully constructed tables for larger groups. You can even choose to have wine and beer paired with your selections. Cured is the only catering company in Colorado able to provide such an experience.

“Community has been a big part of Cured since day one; both championing the food world and its amazing products as well as the communal energy that good food creates when people gather around a table to enjoy it,” says Will. “ is about the story and the heart behind the dedication to craft and community.”

Honoring old traditions and reinventing new customs is what grows a community. As Will and Coral Frischkorn of Cured grow their business, they can surely attest. Despite the Amazon Prime’s of the world, it's clear that connection will prevail, and together, the people shall graze on. 

  • Coral + Will Frischkorn, the owners of Cured
  • Coral + Will Frischkorn, the owners of Cured
  • Will Frischkorn
  •  Coral Frischkorn
  • Will + Coral  Frischkorn, the owners of Cured