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Let The Sunshine In!

Cleaning blinds should be on your list

Spring will be here before we know it. And with it comes the yearly scrubbing, dusting, and purging: spring cleaning. Give this year’s cleanup routine a refresh and start with the windows, so when that first warm day arrives, it’s spring—not dust—that’s in the air.

John Weinstock, executive vice president of Graber, a leading brand of custom window treatments, offers tips and advice for mastering a window treatment deep clean - an important step in keeping them looking sharp and preserving a home décor investment:

· Keep it simple. When it comes to most kinds of blinds, the feather duster is your friend. Just lightly dust on a regular basis—bimonthly or monthly—and you’re set. You could use an ultrasonic cleaner on your cellular blinds and sponge down your vinyl vertical blinds, or you could make your life easy and go with vacuuming—the one cleaning method that’s safe for virtually all treatments, from Roman, solar and pleated shades to blinds of any kind. Just pop an upholstery or brush attachment onto your vacuum hose and go! For deep cleaning most shades, just use a soft cloth or sponge, spot clean with mild detergent and warm water and that should get the job done.

· Start with one room. There’s no need to tackle all your window treatments at once. If you start now and clean one room’s worth of treatments a week, by the time the first warm days of spring arrive you’ll be set.

· Add it to your cleaning schedule. Once the initial cleaning is done, upkeep is as easy as making window treatments part of your vacuuming routine. A quick and regular pass will not only make your window treatments last longer, but it will also reduce the dust and allergens in your home. An all-around win!