Let There be Peace Within

A Relaxation Expert Gives Tips on Holiday De-Stressing

’Tis the season to be stressed? Not necessarily. 

“We all have stress to varying degrees, but the good news is that stress arises from how we react to the outside world, which means we are in the driver’s seat of managing that stress,” says Ken Kaplan, owner of Quantum Wellness in Bedminster. 

As a corporate lawyer who manages a law firm, Kaplan knows a thing or two about stress. He opened Quantum Wellness eight years ago to help others manage how they react to stress. “We don’t realize how much stress we place on ourselves until we do something like go on vacation, attend a retreat or spend time doing something restorative. Then we see the contrast in how we were living and how we could be living,” he says. 

Quantum Wellness offers a variety of ways to achieve this new state of peaceful being, including float therapy, infrared sauna therapy, holistic facials and massage. Quantum Wellness has its roots in float therapy and has five private float rooms. “People who float will tell you it has changed their lives by taking their baseline stress down several levels,” he says. “Float therapy is designed to deal with stress in a transformative way. We spend a lot of energy dealing with external sensory inputs: sound, light, temperature, gravity. People do not realize how enormous the effects of gravity are on our bodies. The floatation cabin cuts out the outside world and frees your brain to just relax. Unlike being in a swimming pool, doing meditation or even being in your bed at night, in a floatation cabin there is no external stimulation—only profound quiet.” 

Spending time in an infrared sauna also has many health benefits. “The heat in the sauna initially places your body in a state of stress, which is then released, returning you to a state of relaxation,” he says. 

The holidays are an especially good time to take a step back and notice your stress levels. “It’s ironic: We look forward to the holiday season, but it’s full of stress,” Kaplan says. “When you take that stress level down, the world is different. You tolerate, appreciate and love things more. You notice beauty. You will make better decisions that take into account your goals.”

Learn more about Quantum Wellness at QuantumWellnessNJ.com.

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