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skin care bar Photo by Maya Porrino

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Let's Face It, Your Skin Could Use Some Love This Winter

Article by Jen Berniker

Photography by Maya Porrino

Originally published in Westport Lifestyle

We spend years of our lives obsessing over our bodies: what to put in them, how to slim them down and tone them up, and what to wear to look our best. When it comes to the health of our skin, there are some new break-through treatments that can help. 

Dr. Tanya Futoryan has been working in Fairfield County for more than 20 years and recently moved her practice, Westport Dermatology and Laser Center, to a larger office on Riverside Avenue. She prides herself on offering the safest and most cutting-edge medical and cosmetic treatments. We asked her a few questions to help Westport Lifestyle readers maintain a healthy complexion.

Tell us about yourself.  

I live in Weston and raised my three kids here. I love this area for the combination of ocean and woods. I'm an avid swimmer and hiker, and I also love to play the piano.

What drew you to dermatology?

It's a field that treats all ages. It's very varied in terms of types of procedures, especially now, with all of the advances in technology and injectable products. It's also a field that usually leads to great outcomes. Often people come in for cosmetic treatments, and we encourage them to have a skin check. We pick up a lot of skin cancers this way, and luckily most of them are curable. If you've had a family history of skin cancer or a previous diagnosis, you should come in every six months or more. Everyone else should come in once per year.

How can we keep our skin healthy during the cold winter months? 

Retin-A is really a staple in anti-aging because it's the only product shown to produce new collagen. It's also an exfoliant. You don't want to moisturize over dead skin. I would say my favorite anti-aging product is my Compounded Retinoid and Restore Moisturizer, found only at Westport Dermatology. Sunscreen use can also reverse some aging as you are stopping the delivery of harmful rays. Skin has mechanisms for recovery, and it takes multiple insults to the skin to break it down. The skin is a regenerative organ. 

What sets you and your practice apart?  

I look at the whole face. It's artistry to combine minimally invasive procedures to produce a natural-looking result. If a patient comes in and says, “I don't like my folds,” I take the time to explain that just treating that fold may not improve the overall result. The wrinkle is coming from something behind it. There are structural things that go on as part of the aging process, such as bone resorption and fat loss. The skin is an innocent bystander. A good analogy for this is: If you have a leaky tile in your bathroom, you don't just replace the tile, you find the source of the leak first. 

What is a liquid facelift? 

A liquid facelift is a non-surgical technique that uses injectables to rejuvenate the face. The liquid facelift reduces wrinkles and restores facial volume. It is an effective procedure for those that want the most natural results without going under the knife.

How do you ensure a natural look with cosmetic procedures?   

We use a combination of injectables and match the product to the type of tissue we are working on. There are natural concavities of contour that are part of your heritage and your face. I wouldn’t overdo these areas as that's what makes you you. The lips are notoriously tricky. We treat the whole area around the mouth before deciding if we need to augment the lip. It’s like redecorating a room. You don't just buy a new sofa, as that would stand out; you have to re-do the whole room so it looks like it belongs.  

What is a new procedure you recommend for a splurge?

RF Microneedling. It is a breakthrough in Radio Frequency (RF) Technology combined with microneedling to help stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin.RF Microneedling significantly improves fine lines and wrinkles, laxity and crepey skin in the face, neck and body. It also improves acne scarring, surgical scars and stretch marks. It’s an amazing and effective procedure.

Do you have any other go-to procedures? 

Laser skin rejuvenation with non-ablative technology is used to repair and regenerate damaged and aging skin with minimal to no downtime. Our go-to procedures are Laser Genesis and Clear + Brilliant.

Can we still grow old gracefully?

It’s really a choice that people make! Some fillers act as bio-stimulators and help your body produce collagen over time. These fillers give bone support and when injected properly can actually tighten and contour skin.  

Do you think people’s mental health improves after they undergo these types of procedures?  

When you stop premature wrinkling and give a patient’s face a more balanced structure, it gives a patient confidence. We’ve worked with patients as young as teenagers all the way up to people in their 80s. You really notice a difference in how they feel and not just in how they look. 

How do Westport patients differ from those in other areas?  

Westport has a more educated clientele. They’re very discreet, very understated and they want to look natural. We have a lot of accomplished people here. Some are famous artists and actors. The idea of augmentation is not favored here. People in Westport do not want a NJ or LA Housewives look! Sometimes we treat whole families.

Dr. Futoryan is a board-certified dermatologist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. She trained at Tufts and Boston University Dermatology Residency Program and is a clinical instructor at Yale School of Medicine.  

Also integral to the practice, Christina Martineau PA-C specializes in treating children and adults with conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. She performs laser treatments and provides customized skin care regimens.  Christina's a nationally board-certified Physician Assistant and a fellow of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

  • Photo by Maya Porrino
  • skin care bar Photo by Maya Porrino
  • Photo by Maya Porrino
  • Dr. Futoryan Board Certified Dermatologist Photo by Maya Porrino
  • Dr. Futoryan Board Certified Dermatologist photo by Mindy Briar
  • Christina Martineau PA-C & Dr. Futoryan Board Certified Dermatologist photo by Mindy Briar