Let's Get Ready for Summer Escapes

Schedule a visit with a service professional AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR to your departure date.

While the heat of summer has not burdened us quite yet, Floridians are still preparing to pack up and hit the roads all summer long and escape the heat. In the chaos of preparation, there are basics you want to check.

1)      Tire check.

a.       Tire pressure – For passenger vehicles, we do not recommend inflating more than 40psi, generally we set our customer's tires to 36-38psi. Anything more than 40psi will cause “roller skate” feeling while driving at highway speeds. Try not to let tire pressure go below 32psi. Mobile inflation devices that operate on battery are available on Amazon to make sure you always have access to an inflation tool if you catch a nail or screw to get to a service shop. For commercial vehicles, exceptions apply so pay attention to the tire sidewall for maximum psi.

b.       Tread – do not trust the outside tread! Most of the weight of the vehicle is on the inside of the tire due to suspension engineering. Make sure to check the middle and inside of your tread. Any uneven wear should be addressed. If the middle of the tire is more worn than the inside/outside edges, reduce tire pressure. If inside/outside edges of tire are more worn, add air pressure.

2)      Fluid check

a.       Oil – some modern vehicles do not have a dipstick, but do have an electronic oil indicator. If this is the case, scroll through your dash monitor and find the oil level. Always make sure to check the oil level once the vehicle is warm as fluids expand with heat. Ideally, the level should be right in the middle of the MIN and MAX on the dipstick.

b.       Coolant – always check before turning on the vehicle as this gets to boiling temperature and can seriously hurt you. Most coolant tanks have a “stick” inside the tank to check fluid level. But just fill up with proper color coolant (blue/pink/green/yellow). If you are low on coolant and do not have access to coolant. Water can work temporarily.

c.       Wipers / Washer fluid – depending on where your travel plans are, washers and wipers can be a necessity to clean dust and pollen off the windshield, and make sure you keep your eyes on the road ahead. Not much worse than being in a bad rainstorm with bad wipers!

3)      As always, if you notice anything off with drivability or any warning lights, we recommend scheduling a visit with a service professionals AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR to your departure date to allow adequate time for you and the service center to take care of any urgent needs. Star Import

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