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Let's Get Spring Zen!

Update Your Home for the Season with These Simple Steps

It's almost that time of year—spring! For many, spring is a time to renew and refresh. Finding interesting ways to refresh and renew your home can help you enjoy spring vibes every day while also imparting potential health benefits!

1. Pick up fragrant flowers. Fragrant flowers, like my favorites—lilies—will have your home smelling like fresh spring air! Oriental lilies have a strong, classic lily smell, while Asiatic lilies are virtually unscented—be sure to choose according to your senses. Lavender, gardenia, and jasmine are great options. Lavender has been known to relax you. Gardenia has been cited to enhance cognitive ability and protects memory.

2. Change your window treatments. Heavy curtains in color or weight often scream winter or fall. Light colored, airy fabrics give the home a more spring feel and let in more light. Consider keeping your blinds pulled up and open to really let the spring sunlight shine in. Research suggests that sunlight could help you recharge more effectively, work more efficiently, and feel better as a result.

3. Change your bedding. Much like heavy window treatments, heavy bedding can weigh down the overall look and feel of the home. Consider lighter colors and fabrics that herald spring. Just because spring has sprung doesn’t mean that cold nights are completely at bay. You should still keep a basket of extra blankets beside your bed for chilly nights. Be sure to add a bouquet of those fragrant flowers beside your bed to really bring in the spring feels and take advantage of health benefits while you sleep.

4. Bring in some greenery. If you don't have any plants, now is a great time to get easy to care for plants. Greenery adds pizzazz to any home. There are many simple house plants that need little to no care. Snake plants, spider plants, and pothos are some very low-maintenance plants that will add color and potential health benefits to your home. Plants bring in extra oxygen, which is always a plus!

5. “Alexa, play some nature tunes.” Hearing pleasant sounds of nature will help calm you and make you feel like you are in a beautiful spring garden with your lovely flowers, low-maintenance plants, and light. Nature sounds and green spaces (those beautiful low-maintenance plants—wink!) are known to bring calm and positively impact our well-being. In fact, the National Trust found listening to woodland sounds for just one minute resulted in people feeling 30% more relaxed and with less anxiety.

April Rogerson, known as "The Contract Slayer," is a Realtor serving metro Atlanta and beyond. She prides herself as the 'Peoples Agent' and works diligently to make the Home Buying and Selling process simple and straightforward. Visit her website at for more!