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Let's Have a Fall Soiree!

Article by Sonia Butler of Sonia Butler Events

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

As the end of the season approaches, we can prepare for the autumn and winter season festivities by hosting soirees. A soiree is an evening dinner party that is usually hosted in one's home. Soirees are a great way to entertain and make your guests feel welcomed. Finding the time to entertain can be a challenge, but the time spent with family and friends is the most precious of all. Preparing for your soiree can be as simple or as intricate as you would like. The simplest menu for a soiree can be charcuterie board paired with wine. Charcuterie boards are creative ways to incorporate all guest palettes. Serve meat, veggies, cheese, breads, fruits and nuts paired with wines such as cabernet sauvignon, prosecco and riesling. The wine options can be determined by the culinary choices you've made for your board.

If you love a great party, a themed soiree is a fun option. A masquerade soiree is a great theme for a fall event. The evenings are cooler. The first step will be coming up with your guest list and then sending out invites to allow your guests time to find the perfect mask for the evening. Next step is to plan the wonderful menu, followed by decor, and entertainment. Give yourself the necessary time to plan in order to minimize stress.

When choosing your decor for a masquerade soiree, you can get really creative. Make it elegant affair by adding a classic chandelier or a candelabra. A "Great Gatsby" dress code will add instant sparkle to your party. But if your budget isn’t chandelier-level, there’s a simpler way to add some shine. Fill your centerpieces with confetti and go for gold cutlery (even if it’s just plasticware). Little touches like these will set a glam tone without breaking the bank. If you're having a black-tie affair, an elegant three course meal would go well with this theme. Provide champagne on ice and sparkling apple cider for those who do not drink. Enjoy!