Expanding Housing Opportunities

The newest rage in real estate are ADUs. ADUs, or Additional Dwelling Units,  can legally be built on any property that has enough space to fit one or two additional living spaces. ADUs come in various configurations from converted garages, to space inside your existing home, to a stand-alone structure including a kitchen, bath, and sleeping area. 

Due to new laws, Homeowners Associations can not rightfully prevent you from constructing an Additional Dwelling Unit on your property even if the CC&Rs prohibit such activities. California has a severe housing shortage with Sacramento currently on the list needing almost seventy thousand housing units to fill the void. The California Legislature passed this legislation with the hope of a stop-gap measure to quickly bring housing stock to the market as soon as possible. There's no better time than now to consider this option for your home.

Cities have been directed by the legislation to fast-track ADU projects for expedited approvals, this will allow for construction to get underway quickly. The typical ADU takes about 80 days to construct from the issuance of permits to the final certificate of occupancy.

If you are interested in increasing your property value, getting rental income, or providing extra housing for parents, in-laws, or caretakers, building an ADU on your property may provide you an avenue to achieve those goals.

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