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Judy Rossi Spills the tea

Article by Woodstock City Lifestyle staff

Photography by Jordan Shankman

Originally published in Woodstock City Lifestyle

Woodstock City Lifestyle: What new strategies are you excited about putting into action for your clients in 2024 at Woodstock Pelvic Health?

Judy Rossi: We look forward to adding new staff to our business to help more men and women with pelvic pain or incontinence as well as women with prolapse and who are recovering following birth.   We are also partnering in our office with Samantha Pruitt, a nurse practitioner specializing in psychiatry and with Bill Tjaden, a specialist in craniosacral therapy.

WCL: Going to a specialist doctor when you haven't been in a while can be very intimidating.  What advice can you share to motivate us this month?

JR: Too many people suffer silently from problems related to their pelvic floor and are often too afraid or embarrassed to make that first appointment.    We pride ourselves in providing a safe space and a warm environment to calm those nerves.  My advice is to feel the fear and do it anyway!  It’s a new year and a new you!

WCL: Running a business and meeting with patients must be exhausting (in a good way). What are your go-to power snacks? 

JR: A handful of nuts, especially walnuts which are a superfood.

WCL: What might our readers be surprised to learn about the treatment you offer patients?

JR: Many people have never heard of pelvic floor physical therapy.  I often hear the words from my patients, “I didn’t even know this was a thing!  Why didn’t my doctor tell me about it?”  OR “Maybe I wouldn’t be having all these problems if I had seen a pelvic floor therapist right after having my baby years ago!”  We have tried and true methods to solve issues that many think are sort of normal, like pain with intimacy or incontinence.  Lots of cases of hip pain and low back pain are also related to pelvic floor dysfunction.  It’s our absolute passion to provide solutions to these problems.