Letting Your Natural Beauty Shine

Discover how Awaken Aesthetics and Wellness has created a welcoming space for holistic wellness

We all know that as we age, things, well, change. Fine lines form, hair grays, and clothes don’t always fit the same. As much as we know how lucky we are to be given the gift of aging, it’s not always a walk in the park. Through social media, alternative sources, and people (aging or not, ironically), the message can get a little…wrinkly. We’re told we’re not thin enough or youthful enough, and if we decide to get a little nip and tuck or quick refresh, we’re fake and focusing too much on our exterior beauty.

Quincee MacGibbon, a certified family nurse practitioner and owner of Awaken Aesthetics and Wellness in Waconia, agrees that our culture has created a toxic environment of impossible beauty norms and expectations, and she wants to create a different standard. “I want my clients to feel empowered, confident, and beautiful in their own skin. My space is a space for everyone. I have an ethical responsibility through my profession to empower others to feel confident in their own skin. This work is my passion, and my clients are my priority.” When you step into her space, you feel it, and when you meet Quincee, you know it.

Awaken Aesthetics and Wellness is adorned with gentle light, gorgeous décor, beautiful plants, and, quite possibly, the most comfortable chair you’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting in. If ease and relaxation had a look, this would be it. But then you start talking to Quincee; she listens, she understands, she explains, and you know. This whole self-care thing? It was one of your best ideas yet. Quincee believes that as we go through varying seasons of life and neglect these basic needs, life can feel heavy, and as a result, our mental health can suffer. “It’s okay to prioritize yourself! It’s a balance. Take care of yourself so that you can be the best version of you.” Each treatment plan is individualized to her client’s goals, concerns, and priorities, and there is no pressure or judgment, only her promise of beautiful natural results. 

Quincee’s space, nestled in a cozy room in The Cutting Edge Salon’s quaint house, is dedicated to celebrating and embracing unique beauty and rejecting the notion of unrealistic beauty ideals. She collaborates frequently with others in the industry and is committed to continuing her education and advanced training, staying up to date on the most evidence-based options and safety standards. If you’re ready for a little self-care of the mind, body, and spirit, Quincee offers numerous options for all skin types and ages, including injectables, VI Chemical Peels, Micro-needling, and so much more. 

Aging is a shared journey, filled with many ups and downs and one that’s denied to many. For some, it’s a time when self-care gets a little easier as kids grow and focus shifts, and for others, it’s always a bit of a challenge. As with any phase of life, we know maintaining mental wellness is important. It’s just not always easy to achieve. Having a professional you can turn to who believes in a holistic approach to caring for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs can make all the difference. “Aging is a way of life, and the journey is beautiful; I am just here to help you do it gracefully!” Add to that confidently, beautifully, and with a lot of self-love. https://awakenaestheticsandwellness.com

Aging is a way of life, and the journey is beautiful; I am just here to help you do it gracefully!

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