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Photo by Wayne Albright

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Lexie Delaney

A Voice for Kindness and Beauty Beyond Appearance

Article by Tran Bui

Photography by Jeremy Pentsil, Wayne Albright & Delaney family 

Originally published in Roswell City Lifestyle

In a world where beauty is often confined to the surface, 16-year-old Lexie Delaney of Calhoun emerges as a powerful voice for kindness and a passionate advocate for the beauty that lies within each of us.

Lexie admits, “There are times I wish I could look different or that I would not get bullied.”

Lexie was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, an inherited condition where bones in the face do not form. She’s been in and out of hospitals all her life, and has had 211 procedures and surgeries so far. All of this was too much for her biological parents, so Amy and Derron Delaney adopted her, adding to their family of 10 children - six with special needs. Lexie’s story mirrors the challenges faced by Auggie Pullman, the fictional character from the popular book and movie “Wonder."

“When I was first born, I didn’t look so great. I was also mute because I couldn’t hear, so I learned sign language," says Lexie. "When I finally got hearing aids, another world opened for me and I started to use my voice.” 

Little did she know her voice would grow stronger and her impact greater. Lexie is embarking on a journey to share her unique perspective, becoming an ambassador for Make-A-Wish Georgia and spokesperson for the non-profit Be THE Voice, based in Roswell.

“It has changed the way I see myself and given me confidence,” explains Lexie. “I’m more than just a teenager navigating this world. I’m an advocate for people who may feel forgotten or different.”

"As Lexie’s parents, we have been blessed with seeing miracles firsthand," says her proud mom Amy. “Lexie’s compassion for others, evident even during her own pain, sets her apart.”

Lexie Delaney stands as an inspiring voice, reminding us to embrace our uniqueness and uplift others along the way.

“Bad thoughts are never good,” adds Lexie, “but here’s a reminder to always be yourself no matter what, even if people are not being nice to you.”

Follow Lexie on Instagram @lexiesviewofbeauty 

Venue: SmartMED 

Hair & makeup: Nahla Hannah 

Stylists: Nic Blaize & Julie Wojenski 

Photoshoot contributors: Tonya McLarty, Stacy & Luke Lathrop, Nick Rhodes, Zuri Johnson, Buffie Jubard 

  • Photo by Jeremy Pentsil
  • Photo by Jeremy Pentsil
  • Photo by Jeremy Pentsil
  • Photo by Wayne Albright
  • Photo by Wayne Albright
  • Photo by Wayne Albright