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Quality of Life After Cancer

Testosterone replacement therapy can optimize health and overall quality of life and increase muscle mass in cancer survivors. 

At age 13 Anthony Tornese was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma and underwent a bone marrow transplant at Shands Teaching Hospital. The transplant was a success, and he made a rapid recovery and was able to resume normal activities growing up.

Anthony noticed that he was always feeling fatigued and sluggish during the day and would often hit the snooze button on his alarm clock. His muscles and joints “felt achy” all the time. His provider prescribed him testosterone cream, but Anthony would forget to put it on so it did not improve his symptoms.

Testosterone deficiency in men is underdiagnosed and under treated. Low testosterone levels can be caused by cancer and therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation. Symptoms of low testosterone can include decreased muscle mass, increased belly fat, difficulty sleeping, chronic fatigue, and depressed mood.

Anthony’s sister Kasi suggested he try Testosterone pellets which are implanted under the skin and slowly dissolve over four months. His baseline total testosterone level was 269 which is abnormally low for someone in their 30’s. Anthony decided to try the Testosterone pellets and told Kasi a few months later that he feels “alive” and “normal” for the first time in his life. He is
sleeping better, decreased muscle aches, and has more energy during the day.

Testosterone replacement therapy can improve overall health and body composition in cancer survivors. To learn more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy please visit our website at Start living your BEST LIFE today!

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