Taking a Crack at a Better Self

Life Chiropractic is aptly named for the way Dr. Davis prioritizes daily health for a fuller life

Dr. Austin Davis, D.C. is passionate about providing relief and comfort through chiropractic care to everyone who comes through his door at Life Chiropractic. That passion, his upbeat personality, and his thirteen years of experience are on full display as he explains the basics of chiropractic care.

“If you ask 10 chiropractors the definition of chiropractic care, you’re going to get 10 different answers,” he laughs. “Chiropractic is the study of the communication of the body as it relates to potential interference from the spine. People think we just crack bones, but we don’t. The reason I care about bones is that they get in the way of the nerves, which I’m trying to keep communicating clearly with the body.”

He explains in further detail that when bones get out of place, they pressure nerve bundles that can then negatively affect everything from the heart to the glands to the digestive system, even mood and anxiety levels. Through chiropractic care, Dr. Davis has been able to provide relief to infants, seniors, and everyone in between, that suffer from a range of issues like constipation, carpal tunnel, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), vertigo, and sleep disorders.

Dr. Davis is also passionate about focusing on preventative care. “I want people to check in before the wheels fall off,” said Dr. Davis. “I want to express life at its peak potential and help people understand that health doesn’t have to be all about receiving care just to catch up,” he says. “Medical intervention is vital, but day-to-day health and wellness can be corrected with factors that can be overlooked such as chiropractic, meditation, and nutrition.”

As Father’s Day approaches, the conversation turns to self-care for men, a subject Dr. Davis feels is often overlooked. “Men are the worst,” he jokes. “They tend to think along the lines of, 'Can I get both feet on the ground, get my pants on, and get my work done, then I’m great and don’t need to spend time complaining.'” Dr. Davis recommends a few simple steps that men can practice that require minimal time and effort and can be geared toward everyone’s hectic work and family life.

The first is to be seven feet tall. Dr. Davis explains, “I want you to focus on when you’re standing, sitting, or even lying in bed, be seven feet tall. This touches on all your muscles. You can’t be seven feet tall with your chin to your chest.”

Dr. Davis also emphasizes the importance of simple yet frequent movement. Go for a short walk. If you sit at a desk for an hour, get up every 20 minutes and do 30 seconds of running in place, jumping jacks, or even walking to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“Humans are dynamic creatures. We need to move. That’s how the nervous system learns, that’s how the blood gets oxygenated, how the body pumps fluids and how it regenerates,” he says. He also recommends some form of meditation. “Meditation doesn’t have to be in a dark room chanting with crystals and incense. That’s a classical interpretation and it works for some people, but it has never worked for me,” he says.  “I do a lot of hunting and fishing so I’ll go and sit under a tree with binoculars and look at a hillside. I see that as my meditation.” Meditation can be as simple as spending time on a hobby you enjoy. Take the time to find what works for you. And to help calm your system down before going to bed, put your phone away, read or write a little, or drink some non-caffeinated tea.

The final recommendation may be the hardest for most men, which is addressing emotions. “If someone has wronged you or rubbed you the wrong way, address it. Don’t pack it down,” says Dr. Davis. “Men may view this as unmanly at first, but I think when you get down to it, the most masculine thing you can do is be in touch with the emotional side of life. It’s a valuable component to being a well-rounded human being and it has the potential to add years to your life.”

By doing these few simple steps combined with seeing your chiropractor, staying hydrated, and avoiding over-processed foods, Dr. Davis advises that you allow the body to function with the minimum amount of energy needed to do a certain task. “If you operate like that long-term, you tend to have more virility, more energy, more focus, and better health late into life because you have more reserves to pull from.”

When you’re ready to start down the path to chiropractic care, know that getting in to see Dr. Davis will never be an issue. “I try to create an open-door environment even if it’s just to come in to ask me questions,” he says. “I want to do whatever I can do to remove the obstacles to getting care. Walk-ins are always welcome and if we never see you again, I hope you had a great experience.”

“I try to create an open-door environment even if it’s just to come in to ask me questions.” - Dr. Davis.

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