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Life Time

Experience Healthy, Happy Living at Its Best

It’s midnight, January 1st, some year past. You cheer at the strike of the hour, pretend to know the words to “Auld Lang Syne,” and maybe – maybe – get a kiss. You are aglow with champagne and cordiality.

But then reality pokes one of its little claws through your blinders. You recall the resolution you made, and realize you now actually have to do it. This is meant to be the year you finally get in shape!

You try exercising at home, where there is no space or equipment for exercising. You try exercising outside, which is intermittently frozen solid or filled with trillions of mosquitoes. You try exercising at a gym, but just can’t seem to make yourself fall in love with its concrete-and-sweat-sock ambiance.

You find yourself wishing you had the perfect place to exercise. Some sort of “athletic country club,” perhaps, where there are pickleball, tennis, basketball, racquetball, swimming, yoga classes, cycling, personal trainers, cardio machines, weights and weight machines, saunas, whirlpool tubs, eucalyptus steam rooms, and complimentary towels for the shower. And so long as this hypothetical country club continues meeting your highest standards, it would also have a cafe, beauty spa, nail salon, and childcare for kids ages 3 months through 11 years. It would even be a nice spot to socialize in.

Sadly, such a place could only exist in fantasy. If only that weren’t so, because surely you would have kept a past New Year’s resolution to get in shape otherwise.

Oh. Wait. That place is real. And Eden Prairie, being the kind of town it is, has two of them: Life Time Crosstown, and Life Time Eden Prairie Athletic.

“I call it a country club without a golf course,” said Michael Schuh, club leader of Life Time Eden Prairie Athletic. “Wellness and exercise are the main attractions here, of course, but we’re about so much more than living a healthy lifestyle. This is a place where people want to spend their free time. They come here to forget about the stress of their day-to-day lives. They visit Life Time to be happy.”

“My office is set up like a big glass bowl, hanging above the center of the club,” said Cooper Craig-Casmer, club leader of Life Time Crosstown. “Just behind me are the tennis courts, where 35 people are currently doing drills. Our members on the fitness floor are doing GTX, a group total body workout program, and Alpha, which combines Olympic-style lifting and strength training. A few others are doing one-on-one Dynamic Stretch with our Certified Stretch Specialists. And in our LifeCafe, I see people enjoying protein shakes after their workouts. Some have their laptops out, no doubt squeezing a little work in so they can justify staying in their favorite spot just a little longer.”

“Life Time is the currently biggest pickleball destination in the country,” said Michael. “The sport has gotten so huge that several Life Times have converted some of their basketball courts into pickleball courts. Our Chanhassen location is even building its own free-standing pickleball destination. 

“I’m glad to see pickleball’s rising popularity. We’re welcoming more and more guests of all ages and abilities thanks to a sport anyone can pick up and play in just five minutes. We’ve got kids who are only just big enough to hold paddles, all the way up to our oldest pickler who is 95.”

“Life Time has always been a great destination for seniors,” added Cooper. “We offer over 100 classes, and our instructors are trained to make them accessible to anyone who’d like to join. And now that we’ve introduced our ARORA Program, our senior members know exactly which classes are best suited to their athletic abilities. It’s perfect whether you’re starting out with the basics, looking for a challenge, or just want to improve your flexibility, balance and strength.”

“We recently welcomed a new senior member who had never belonged to a gym before,” continued Michael. “At first she only came for water aerobics, though I eventually challenged her to try experiencing some of our other amenities. She never dreamed she would go on our fitness floor, but pretty soon she was doing dance, yoga, and yes – even pickleball. She is down 60 pounds and two blood pressure medications since she first started. She just walked her first 5K!”

“We cater just as well to the opposite end of the age spectrum,” said Cooper. “Our Kids Academy Program welcomes babies as young as 3 months – enormous for new parents who are eager to get back to their fitness routines. Older kids get to participate in arts and crafts, academic and learning activities, and progressive lessons in dance, martial arts and gymnastics. There are lots and lots of sports to play, and we’re always adding new programs that keep things interesting for our youngest guests.”

“At its heart, Life Time is driven by relationships,” said Michael. “I’m fortunate to work with a great team. I’m equally blessed to see new friendships blossoming between our members every day. Like I said before, we’re about so much more than living a healthy lifestyle. We’re building community!”

Life Time Crosstown is located at 6233 Baker Road; Life Time Eden Prairie Athletic, 755 Prairie Center Drive. You can visit either for LifeSpa, or Eden Prairie Athletic if you are intrigued by Rare Steak and Sushi, the onsite upscale restaurant. Day memberships are available! Visit today to experience healthy, happy living at its best.