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This ministry creates an opportunity for women to find the community that God desires for them.

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Life.Church's Sister Ministry

A Space for Women to 'Gather, Grow and Go—Together'

Article by Life.Church

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Originally published in OKC City Lifestyle

Every year, women across the Oklahoma City metro gather at Life.Church locations to find encouragement, hope and relationships. This ministry for women—led by Life.Church’s co-founding pastor, Amy Groeschel—is called Sisters, and it’s a space for women to “gather, grow and go—together.”

Groeschel says, as a church, “Our desire for Sisters is to build up the women of Life.Church with spiritual truth and love. I pray that they’ll be encouraged, inspired and strengthened through this community of women of all ages and stages.”

For many women, this ministry creates an opportunity for friendships to grow and flourish. That’s exactly what happened for Abigail Workman and Caitlin Remington when they met through the annual Sisters Event in 2018.

“I was new to the area, heard about the event, and was incredibly nervous walking in,” Abigail recalls, “and I was surprised when I walked through the doors to find women of all ages smiling and welcoming me.”

Caitlin remembers a similar experience: “I was really looking forward to the event. I had invited some of the ladies who I served with to join me, and I was so excited when I saw them in the lobby before the event. After the message from Pastor Amy, we were encouraged to spend time connecting with other women in the lobby. This is how Abigail and I met.”

“I remember talking to a few different women before meeting Caitlin,” Abigail says. “We had the stereotypical ‘small talk’ for a few minutes, but it quickly turned into a conversation when we realized we had things in common—like being new to the area and attending the same university.”

Without this event, it was unlikely that these two women would have met. While they attended the same Life.Church location, they served in different ministries at different times on the weekend. But because they chose to take advantage of the connection time at Sisters, they were able to start a lasting friendship.

“This friendship that started inside the church continued when we walked out the doors. And it’s because of this event. Sisters creates a place for women to come together and worship, grow and connect with one another,” Caitlin says.

Sisters started in order to create a place for women to find their people, just like Abigail and Caitlin did. When the women who attend find and build strong relationships, they experience the love and community that God desires for them.

While this event happens every fall, the heart of the ministry is lived out through small groups that meet every week. In these groups, women gather for a Bible study, to talk about their lives, or because they share a common interest. The purpose of these groups is for women to find a place to belong and deep, meaningful relationships throughout the year.

Interested in learning more? You can find a women’s small group near you at

You can also stay connected to the ministry by signing up for a monthly email from Pastor Amy. Each month, she shares a short devotional and encouragement, as well as resources she’s loving to grow her faith. You can sign up for this email and learn more about Sisters at

“Our desire for Sisters is to build up the women of Life.Church with spiritual truth and love."

  • Sisters is a space for women of all ages and stages to gather and grow together.
  • Pastor Amy Groeschel teaches a powerful message for women at Life.Church locations across the metro.
  • Caitlin and Abigail met at a Sisters event and became fast friends.
  • This ministry creates an opportunity for women to find the community that God desires for them.
  • This event provides multiple opportunities for women to find community and hear from other women in their local church.