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Lifeway Church Celina Finds New Home

Article by Angela Zarallo

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

“More Than a Building” has been the battle cry of Lifeway Church Celina (LCC) and Lead Pastor, Josh Price, for over a year. 

But what does “More Than a Building” mean? Over 20 years ago, it started with a calling. A calling for a young lady to follow God and drive North until God told her to stop. She didn’t know why, but she obeyed. She got in her car and drove from south Dallas to what felt like the end of the earth. When she reached HWY 58 and 59, she finally felt she was stopped at 13 acres in the heart of Celina, Texas. God told her this was the place in which, through her, he would do his work. 

Over the past 20 years there have been many people who offered to purchase this piece of land and each time God told her not yet…until finally, Lifeway Church Celina asked. 

What is Lifeway Church Celina and why is this land, future home and building so important? As Pastor Josh states, “LCC exists to help everyone Know God, Be the Church, and Lead the Change. As Celina grows, we want to be an integral part of all that is happening. The reason we are buying land and building a new building is because this mission God has given us is reaching people. We are growing as a church at an exciting rate, people are trusting Christ, our groups ministry is growing, and we are bursting at the seams of the current building we are in. Our mission has led us to growth, and that growth has allowed us to serve more people. This includes ministries, better facilities for your kids and families, more staff to specialize in providing care for people, and more opportunities to serve this growing community. LCC isn’t setting out to be a big church. LCC is setting out to be a biblical church.”

Lifeway Church Celina needed to move because of the rapid growth and now that the land is promised and the calling fulfilled, the Church can become, “More Than a Building.”

LCC proudly partners with Grace Bridge and Helping Hands of Celina. This building will truly be more... More than the church that used to be next to the discount store. More than the people that gather. More than a building.

Thanks is due to the pastoral leaders: Mike Rutig, Anthony Gonzales and Jordan Verhoek. The land and building committees are headed by Carrie Peacock and Craig Neidhart.  The Land committee and special thanks go to: Lynette and Paxton Sandidge, Dan and Maranda Williams, Monique Goodwin, Angela Zarallo and most importantly to Shain Hunn, with knowledge of “all things Celina.”   

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