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Light Speaks Loudest

How one entrepreneur is empowering teen girls in the Denver-Metro area and beyond

The world sends a lot of negative messages to teenagers, and the consequences can be devastating. Laura Fook’s company, Light Speaks Loudest, is on a mission to prove that even in the midst of darkness, everyone can find the light. Laura operationalizes her mission through creating quarterly subscription boxes to help teenage girls love themselves, others, and God.

“Light Speaks Loudest aspires to produce media and resources that reach teenage girls in a way that is true to the culture and authentic to their faith,” Laura explains. “We want to go beyond simple answers like ‘Guys will love you if you wear this thing,’ or, on the other end of the spectrum, ‘Don’t kiss someone until you’re married.’”

As a part of her creative process, Laura ventures where few are willing to go—back to her teenage self. She thinks deeply about the resources she craved as a 13- to 17-year-old girl and works from there. In addition, she notes how culture, and therefore the teenage experience, has changed since she was that age. The rise of technology and social media requires fresh approaches to tackle age-old issues with depression, anxiety, body image, and perfectionism. 

Every box has a theme that addresses such issues. For example, in early 2022, Laura conducted an Instagram poll to determine some of the struggles teen girls in her audience faced. Loneliness was a forerunner, so she created a box with the theme of friendship. Each item in the box aligned with one of Light Speaks Loudest’s primary pillars derived from Matthew 22:37–39: Love God, love yourself, and love others.  

Among other items, the friendship box included:

• A mug brownie mix, necklace, and candle to help girls love themselves

• A seed-paper card that, when planted, grew a flower to remind girls that friendships take a lot of intention and time, thus helping them love others

• A guided journal about friendship (written by Laura herself) to help girls love God

Every box includes a product from a teen entrepreneur. The friendship box included a DIY collage kit from Camden Speece of Kinaiya Creations. Camden was also given a leadership opportunity to conduct a virtual workshop about collage-making for the Light Speaks Loudest community. For the winter box, Aubrey Dooley of Bree’s Slime Shop created custom slimes, and it was her biggest order by far.

“Quite often, our collaboration is the first time they’ve worked on a wholesale or bulk order this large,” Laura says. “It’s fun to support them, be a part of the education experience, and share a positive experience.”

To learn more about Light Speaks Loudest or to order a subscription for a teenage girl in your life, head to 

  • Aubrey Dooley of Bree's Slime Shop