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Lighten Up

A Home Rehab Project To Let the Light In

The Details

  • Updated kitchen and master bathroom
  • The goal was to brighten the rooms with fresh paints, avoiding wood tones
  • The kitchen was designed with custom cabinetry stacked to the ceiling, marble backsplash, and marble countertops using macaubas quartzite.
  • The master bathroom was completely gutted and updated with hexagon tiles and a freestanding tub.

With Denver-based Factor Design Build, your dream home is within reach—whether or not you’re exactly sure what you want. For Co-owner Josh Fiester, that’s an essential aspect of the business.

“All my experience over the years has taught me that the most important skill thing you can have is to bring someone else’s vision to reality for them,” Josh says. “The designers who work for Factor are incredible at extracting that vision, and our clients don’t need to know anything, they don’t even really need to know their tastes. They can even know something they don’t like, and we can take it from there.”

Factor Design Build will take your redesign from start to finish with expert project managers overseeing the process every step of the way.

“We try to move the guys around so that the clients are getting the best people for their phase,” Josh says. “We have a diverse set of skills, and we try to be experts in our small fields. You can’t be general experts.”

With Factor Design Build’s team, every detail of a renovation is taken into account—whether you’re doing a full rebuild or just redoing a few rooms. That’s an important detail for Josh, whose team focuses not only on creating a beautiful final result but also on the function of each space for the owners and their families.

“We focus on how an individual client needs their space to function,” Josh says. “Everything we do is custom. We don’t build spec homes, and we don’t focus on fix and flips, we’re doing things for people in their homes, to improve the quality of their lives.”

The Renovation 

For the Farver residence in Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood, pictured, the clients remodeled their kitchen and master bathroom. The hope was to make each space more functional, update the aesthetic to a more modern look and feel, and to ensure that the kitchen was entertainment-ready.

Factor Design Build is cognizant of recycling or repurposing existing furniture, cabinetry and fixtures. For the Farver residence, Factor Design Build repurposed the existing kitchen island. With a fresh coat of paint paired with the existing wood top, the island serves as a functional space as well a gathering point during entertaining.

Fresh paint throughout the lower level helped create a seamless flow throughout the lower level, along with the kitchen’s light and airy feel.

“One of the unique things in the kitchen is the Calacatta Lincoln Oro marble backsplash,” Josh says. The backsplash, paired with subtle custom cabinetry, and gold and glass pendant lights make a statement in the kitchen while keeping the look light and bright.

In the bathroom, the cramped space was updated to have a modern look and create a spa-like atmosphere.

“Most of our clients plan on staying in their homes for a long time,” Josh says. “Yes, looking good matters, but if they’re going to be there for ten years, how well did we think through the details and how it’s going to live for them and their families. That’s extremely important to us.”