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Outdoor Lighting Provides Limelight

Achieve Aesthetics And Safety Through Lighting Professionals Of Family Owned And Operated Company

Providing exceptional lighting services that complement landscaping and hardscaping for local residents and business owners throughout the greater Philadelphia area has been the ongoing mission of a full-service, family-operated company based from Edgmont. 

"Our goal for Sunset Landscape Illumination is to provide unparalleled, warrantied, LED landscape lighting services to customers, while literally lighting up their lives for the better," says Pierce Shallis, founder/owner of Illumination's parent company, Pierce L. Shallis Landscaping & Design LLC., established in 2008.

Sunset Landscape Illumination became a branded service extension after Pierce saw how crucial outdoor lighting can be, for both aesthetics and safety. "Witnessing this need firsthand through our landscaping projects, I realized this was a service vastly missing from the current outdoor offerings in our area," he explains. "So we focused on the art of nightscape lighting, and thus Sunset Landscape Illumination was born."

Industry sources indicate some of the top landscape lighting trends for 2023 include outdoor wall lights, smart security lighting, creative spotlights, functional pathway lighting, stylish string lights, elegant glass lanterns, ambient downlights, sustainable lighting and subtle landscape lighting.

"Most people are aware of what their landscape looks like from sunrise to sundown. However, nightscapes can be equally important and become key elements to enjoying your home even more. We can transform properties and make them really shine well at nighttime," Pierce reminds.

He adds, "Applying lighting is also like having a security blanket wrapped around your house or property, and enables your cameras to better show you what's happening."

In an overall sense, Pierce says their lighting and other services are meant to define outdoor space and deliver symmetry to homes, gardens and other spaces. "Our goal is to design with vision and style, creating functionality to accentuate the beautiful architecture of homes or buildings. We enjoy creating outdoor oases."

To that end, this hands-on manager says they provide on-site lighting demonstrations in the form of temporary setups for one or two evenings at customers' homes to ensure they will like the final execution before an installation. Pierce says these demos are exact replicas of each project's customized plan. He adds that they deliberately take this extra step, rather than just providing computer-generated renderings. 

"We often get inspired by the architecture or other aspects of homes and can make tweaks during the demos. We invest the time, effort, knowledge, techniques and equipment to provide worry-free experiences for our customers," Pierce adds. 

He says each of the company's dedicated employees has been properly trained to ensure quality work with all projects, whether they are full installations or everyday maintenance. "We value each and every opportunity, and take pride in all our work. Customers are at the heart of everything we do."

Pierce says they also can include a maintenance element with lighting packages. 

He says he expanded this and other business offerings based on customer's needs. In 2015, his wife, Heather joined the company to provide her experience in business growth, product development and marketing experience. While they have grown, Heather says Pierce's relentless determination for superior quality and customer service remain the backbone of their business today. In fact, they've earned a Super Service Award on Angi (formerly Angie's List) for 12 consecutive years. 

Regarding residential landscaping services, they handle plant design and installation; landscape lighting; sod installation; drainage solutions; garden bed care and mulching; aerating, thatching and overseeding; shrub and ornamental pruning; and leaf and plant removal. They provide the same type of services to commercial properties, such as retail shopping centers and restaurants.

Regarding hardscape installations, this team says they use color, texture and dimension to bring a one-of-a-kind elegance to finished projects, such as patios, retaining walls, stonescapes and walkways. "Our staff has years of hands-on experience with top of the line flagstone, pavers and boulders," adds Pierce.

Pierce says they provide complimentary consultations, no matter the size of a job. "As a guide, we're there to help throughout the process."

Giving back to the community is important to both Heather and Pierce. For example, they often donate 5% of all new projects accepted within certain months to the Chester County SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).


Owner Pierce L. Shallis' passion for working in nature started when he was young, helping his MaMa (grandmother) in her gardens. He graduated from Philadelphia University with a bachelor's degree in business and landscape planning. Starting with one truck, a few tools, expansive knowledge and passion for the industry, he knew where he was headed. Thus, his company took root.