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Like Sipping Sunshine

Intro: Blue Norther are hard seltzers not only made in Texas by a family who has been Texans for generations, but both the father and son who started it are named Austin!. The name is inspired by “the winds and blue clouds that turn a hot day cool” and their seltzers provide similar refreshment. Blue Norther is currently available in Wild Blackberry, Agave Lime and Prickly Pear and can be enjoyed straight from the can or mixed into a cocktail, like the Mezaclita.

I Tasted: The Mezcalita

From: Blue Norther

Flavor Profile: Sweet, smokey and effervescent. 

Pairs well with: Barbecue, Tex-Mex, a poolside recliner, sunsets

Overall: A delightful new way to enjoy a classic cocktail – sans the sugar of a premade mix. Like the website says in the preamble to the recipe, “Flip the script on a margarita - turn up the orange, tune down the lime, replace tequila with mezcal - and you've got a Mezcalita. Top it with Blue Norther Agave Lime, and you've made a fizz.”