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There's a podcast for anything these days — and some of our favorites are about Kansas City!

I am a podcast junkie. I’ve been listening to podcasts for over a decade, and love the ability to dive really deep into stories — whether they’re about history or culture, or crime — while I’m doing something else! It's great being able to multitask while still expanding my mind. There’s a podcast for just about anything these days, so, of course, there are hyperlocal podcasts about our own city — Kansas City! Here are a few I love. 

A People’s History of Kansas City by KCUR Studios

This is one of my favorite podcasts of all time, and of course, the extra benefit is that it digs into hyperlocal Kansas City history and sometimes even state history. Favorite episodes include, “100 Years of the Plaza,” the history of how the Plaza was built and our relationship with it today, “A Toast to the Birthplace of Sliced Bread” about the food’s invention in Chillicothe, and “The Occupation That Saved a Wyandot Cemetery” about a native woman’s battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

Unsealed: The Tylenol Murders by the Chicago Tribune

If you haven’t heard of the Tylenol murders, it’s an unsolved case from the 1980s where people were poisoned with cyanide that was hidden inside Tylenol bottles before the bottles had protective seals. While the murders happened in Chicago, the investigation includes Kansas City detectives and a suspect who lived here. 

Open Belly by ChowNow

Open Belly is a podcast that explores America’s “vibrant and diverse food culture.” While later seasons expand to different cities, the first season is a deep dive into the Kansas City food scene and features thoughtful interviews with some of the folks behind our most revered restaurants. We especially love the episode about Queen Sweets & Bakery, one of our favorite Northland institutions.

Hungry for MO by KCUR Studios

Another food-related podcast is also a KCUR podcast by Natasha Bailey and Jenny Vergara, who explore cuisine all over Missouri — from St. Louis pizza to how Missouri saved wine to the invention of Springfield chicken, the Chinese food staple. It’s a perfect blend of culture and history, and we always love KCUR’s dedication to well-told stories — especially when they make us hungry in the process. 

Kansas City Confidential by kcbysari

In this podcast, Sari Lowenstein, known as @kcbysari on social media, interviews the people behind some of Kansas City’s favorite businesses. The podcast interviews institutions like the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, delves into issues like sustainability with its SOAP Refill Station interview, or simply entertains with its interview with comedian Jamie Campbell.

Overlooked by KCUR Studios

Retired Kansas City police detective Roger Gobulski was arrested in September of 2022 for violence against two women in 1990. But the problems were much deeper than that. Reporter Peggy Lowe interviews people who were hurt by Gobulski over the course of many decades, and the podcast seeks to find accountability and justice for his victims that go beyond the recent charges.

  • A People's History of Kansas City by KCUR
  • Hungry for MO by KCUR
  • Kansas City Confidential by Sari Lowenstein
  • Overlooked by KCUR
  • Unsealed: The Tylenol Murders by The Chicago Tribute
  • Open Belly by ChowNow