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Little Black Dress Society

Meet Kate Mayer: Turning adversity into legacy with the Little Black Dress Society of Lake Travis Area

Kate Mayer's journey to Texas is an inspiring story of resilience, marked by her founding of the Little Black Dress Society of the Lake Travis area, a tribute to her mother’s philanthropic spirit.

How has your journey to Texas shaped the evolution of the Little Black Dress Society?

My mother has always been my inspiration. Audrey Hepburn was someone we both admired. We used to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s together, and I treasure those memories. When I lost my mother in 2015 to cancer, her dying words were to go to Austin, to be near my only child and his beautiful family. So I came to Austin in 2016 and restarted my insurance career at Whorton Insurance in the Lakeway/Bee Cave area, but I missed my friends. I was lonely at times, so the Little Black Dress Society was born in February of 2020 and the rest is history. We are at 386 members today and growing!

What inspires the selection of themes for your events, such as the "Tribute to Toby Keith" and "Welcome to Barbie World"?
Picking the themes can be inspired by local or national events. We are in an economic struggle in this country right now and just need a little red, white, and blue to make us smile. Last year, we did the Barbie event, which was about empowering women. I also have a wonderful Little Black Dress Society team. My right-hand is Janice Rodriguez; she and I are great friends and party planners extraordinaire!

What advice would you offer someone who is looking to start a new chapter in their life?
Stay strong and persevere. God doesn’t give you anything you cannot handle.

How do you envision the society contributing to the wider community?
We aspire to do more and give more. Currently, we are exploring ideas for our Christmas Give Back initiative, which could involve contributing to a local charity or supporting a single mom in dire need. I encourage you to become a member and learn more. Follow us on Facebook at "Little Black Dress Society of The Lake Travis Area".

"You have so many people, like myself, who have moved here from all over the country. I found that the women here are looking for friends just like I was, and I realized this group could help so many feel connected to this area."