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Live Edge, Reclaimed Wood + Steel

Twenty1Five Customs Gets Creative with Furniture Design

Nestled into the trees of Palmer Lake is a custom furniture design center and shop that gives just the right look, feel and touch to live edge and reclaimed wood, or steel.

As a young boy, Josh Mabe, owner and designer + builder at Twenty1Five Customs, watched his grandfather make toys from wood in his hobby shop. Josh grew up to be a teacher of history, PE, and in the woodshop class. It was in this atmosphere that his talent realized itself. Working with his hands, building pieces from nothing and having space to get creative was second nature. And after a few years of dedicating his time to that classroom, he found himself with his first commissioned piece of furniture. The rest has unfolded with the utmost beauty in each piece sold, designed, built, and delivered.

Josh’s work now finds itself adding just the right touch in masterfully designed homes throughout the mountain towns of Colorado and sprinkled all over the United States. Tables topped with wooden planks, glass tables with industrially shaped steel bases, structural beams full of character and story, barn doors rolling smoothly tucking away a bathroom—the list goes on. Josh’s voice drips with delight and passion around his dreams for the next design and the next chapter of his company. He gives credit to his incredible team of talented, skillful, motivated individuals who are constantly brainstorming about how to further perfect their process and conjure up the next unique piece of furniture or structural support. 

They work with home builders, architects, and homeowners. While he’s been making for 10 years, the sincere joy in his voice around all things Twenty1Five Customs feels really refreshing and interesting. While the shop building is already appropriately enormous, Josh’s dreams of including people into the fold of the experience is at the forefront of his mind, including an expansion. We should all be keeping our eyes peeled for opportunities to watch these designs come to life, a deepening in community and woven together by a heart for things well done.

A house becomes when someone sets out to create a structure atop the foundations of the earth. A dwelling place becomes a home when it’s filled with love and memories. A home becomes cozy and inviting when we are intentional with the blankets strewn about and ambient lighting is incorporated into just the right nooks. Our homes become robust and make our friends and family long to return when there are comfortable places to gather, where we can really look at one another during a meal and see the ones we love.

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