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Live Generously

One of the ways Thrivent Financial supports its communities is through Thrivent Action Teams, a grassroots volunteer program where members can apply to lead a one-time fundraiser, educational event or service project. Members then receive a customized set of resources from Thrivent to help them get started. To demonstrate the impact of these projects on members’ communities, Gene Bollig's regional office partnered with Disciples of Ministry, a local organization in Loveland, and formed a Thrivent Action Team to help youth experiencing homelessness, a cause near to Gene’s heart.


 When you start viewing money as a tool, you can better utilize it to achieve your goals.


Your journey to be wise with money should be defined by your faith and values. A financial professional simply helps guide you along.


To help others, you must first help yourself. Getting your finances in order is key to living generously.


Each of you should use whatever you have received to serve others as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. – 1 Peter 4:10

While you may have heard the saying, “money is the root of all evil,” one organization and its financial professionals seek to prove the opposite—that money is a tool for good. Loveland resident Gene Bollig sees the positive effects of money on his community every day—both on and off the clock as a Thrivent financial professional.

“Over the years, I have constantly been drawn into conversations about finances, retirement, small- and medium-size business succession and legacy [estate] strategies,” Gene says. “... For the most part, people are worried and scared about matters dealing with money. When we can take some of these emotions off the table and bring them true, objective confidence and contentment, we know that they are more likely to live a generous life.”

Thrivent’s commitment to helping its membership live generously is supported by its status as a unique type of financial services organization known as a fraternal benefit society. Essentially, this classification specifies that Thrivent is a not-for-profit organization whose members are all connected by a common bond: Christianity. Believing all they have is a gift from God and that they are called to be wise stewards of those gifts, Thrivent’s membership values every opportunity to give back. This is why, as Gene puts it, “we make it easy for our clients, or Thrivent members, to live generously and take action on causes they are passionate about.”

“Are you aware [that] there are over 1,500 homeless youth in our local schools that could use various degrees of support?” he asks. “Our research indicated 700-plus in Loveland alone, and one of the needs is hygiene items.”

Together with other volunteers, Gene raised the funds necessary to purchase some of these crucial items and assembled hygiene kits to be given to those in need.

Nationally, in 2018, 88,600 members helped their communities through Thrivent Action Teams. Thrivent and its members also raised and donated $296 million in outreach funds and volunteered more than 14.4 million hours to help individuals and communities thrive.

How might we all live more generously? Gene has some great advice.

“I think the most important place to start is to look for things that are important to you, things that move you, that energize your passion and then engage in a way that has a positive impact.”

He suggests looking into sports and hobbies that suit your interests and volunteering to mentor a young person in need of help.

“Get to know what is going on in your community,” he suggests.

Thrivent’s mission isn’t just about giving back, however; it is first and foremost dedicated to providing its more than 2 million member-owners a broad range of products, services and guidance to help them find financial confidence and contentment. With more than a century of experience, Thrivent has earned its spot on the Fortune 500 and—as of May 2018—received both an A++ (Superior, the highest of 16 categories) rating by AM Best,and an AA+ (Very Strong, the second-highest of 19 categories) rating by Fitch. In addition, Thrivent has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for eight years in a row (2012–2019).  

Gene is quick to say that Thrivent doesn’t measure its success as an organization just by these statistics but also by how it is able to make an impact on the communities it serves. This is one of many reasons Gene is thankful to be working for Thrivent.

According to Gene, the organization’s priority is to help clients achieve their goals by giving them the professional and personal support they need to make wise decisions about money. And, for many Thrivent financial professionals, the personal part is key.

After attaining an accounting degree from Denver University and starting his financial career with an international CPA firm, Gene found his passion helping business owners understand and navigate the risks and opportunities they face. He also values the ability to help Christians of all professions position themselves for a successful retirement.

“My 34 years of business operations, planning and execution of financial concepts have given me the background to do something that I love, which is to [help bring] confidence and contentment to individuals and business owners regarding their financial futures," Gene says.