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Live Your Best Life

Freedom to Create the Life of Your Dreams

Freedom Boat Club of Richmond recently invited Midlothian Lifestyle and Glow Envy Med Spa in Midlothian out for a day on the water. We were welcomed aboard the SPX 210 Outboard, a gorgeous sport boat with Mercury® 150 hp four-stroke engine, by Captain Jack Durham. Even those of us without Captain Jack’s extensive knowledge were quickly impressed with this adventurous runabout’s maneuvering flexibility, state-of-the-art technology integration, and spacious interior.

Attaining the life of your dreams is a central focus at Freedom Boat Club of Richmond. As we cruised along the James, enjoying the Richmond cityscape, Captain Jack discussed his thoughts on creating a life of freedom, luxury, and fulfillment.

What does "living your best life" mean to you?

Captain Jack: “Living my best life means being able to do what I love every day, surrounded by people who truly love me and understand my passions, and support me in all of my endeavors. No matter what the situation is, as long as I am happy, I am living my best life.”

How does Freedom Boat Club help its members live their best life?

Captain Jack: “Freedom Boat Club allows people to get away from the burdens of everyday life. It allows us to unwind on the water after a long day, surrounded by our family and friends… it’s impossible to be stressed on a boat.”

What does a life of luxury look like to you?

Captain Jack: “A life of luxury is more than just nice things and fancy cars; a life of luxury is about being the best version of yourself, without having to worry about tomorrow.”

Enjoying the freedom that the boat lifestyle brings is often assumed to be a luxury out of reach for most people. Fortunately, Freedom Boat Club can turn this dream into reality through its members-only programs. The Club takes care of all the maintenance, cleaning, repair, insurance, and storage of its huge variety of boats across the world. This eliminates the stress and time spent on unexpected costs and gives members the freedom to enjoy more carefree days out on the water.

How does Freedom Boat Club bring more luxury to its members' everyday lives?

Captain Jack: “Freedom Boat Club brings luxury to our members’ lives by taking out all the hard parts of being on the water. We treat our members to a red carpet experience, allowing them to simply show up and embark on an adventure. Our dock staff treat our members with the respect they deserve, and our management takes every step possible to improve the experience every chance they get.”

What do you love about life on the water?

Captain Jack: “The freedom. There's nothing more peaceful than being on a beautiful boat surrounded by the breathtaking scenery that is presented on Virginia's lakes and rivers. I grew up on the water and spend almost all my time off the clock on the James, whether it's kayaking or relaxing on a riverbank.”

We couldn’t agree more!