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Fresh Paint Colors for Your Home

Hirshfield’s Launches New Color Collection

It’s not often that a new paint collection arrives on the scene but when one does, it brings a fresh, trendy take on the classics that inspire us to update our surroundings. 

The Hirshfield’s Color Is palette has been around for many years and was due for a refresh to bring in more of the trending colors. That can be a spendy undertaking for a local family-owned paint manufacturer like us, so we added a separate collection of colors to update the palette by creating the Color Is…Refined collection. 

Do we need another paint fan deck? Duh…of course! And beyond the perfectly appropriate reason of “Because,” here’s why: 

  • On-trend colors: The colors are fantastic, wonderfully muted & timeless hues that are very much on trend. 

  • Manageable size: It’s a stand-alone collection of 132 colors, meaning you can find the right neutrals and some on-trend accent colors in just this one palette. 

  • Go-to whites: There are 12 incredible whites/off-whites that help you narrow down the search for that perfect white. They are balanced with the undertones that work with current design trends. 

  • Luscious dark colors: There are sumptuous dark hues in this collection – deep gray greens, interesting dark blues, rich blacks, and some charming deep reds and purples. 

A few favorites from the collection include: 

  • Silver Shine R061: A perfect blend of blue, gray, and green that is a dynamic and silvery livable neutral.

  • Verde R058: A dark green with fresh lemon undertones to give it a bit of welcome brightness.

  • Durum Wheat R052: A fresh and happy yet slightly muted yellow with hints of green that brings a bit of life to a front door. 

  • Space Dive R023: A classic bronzy deep gray. One of those go-to dark neutrals that have a bit of dramatic interest. 

As customers explore Color Is…Refined, we thought we would offer some tips for choosing the perfect colors for your homes. Happy painting! 


  • When trying to decide on a color, first hold the swatch up vertically against a white sheet of paper – the color will appear different when held up on a wall and not viewed flat on a table. This will help you identify the undertones in the color. Pick 2-3 options and get a sample pint of paint for each (around $10), tagboard, and a chip brush (all available at Hirshfield’s.) Paint two coats and tape the tag board up on various walls in the room or outside to get a true idea of the color. 

  • For the exterior, choose a color a bit darker than you think as the sunlight will wash out colors. For both interior and exterior, choose a grayer option of the hue you’re interested in – you may be surprised about how much color is still present and a grayer option isn’t as bold or overwhelming. For the truest color, your brand of color and paint should match, for example a Hirshfield’s color should be made in Hirshfield’s paint. This is because the paint bases (cans of paint before color is added) and colorants work together to create the exact color. Trying to create a different brand’s color in another brand’s paint will most often not produce the color you’re looking for. 

  • Hirshfield’s has free color help available in their stores and they also have professional color consultants that, for a fee, can come to you and help you find colors that work with your décor. Learn more at