A His and Hers Spa Retreat

Lucie Hasek Brott and Chelsi Hix Create a High-Fashion Bathroom for A Couple with Differing Tastes

What do you get when you boldly blend traditional and contemporary styles? A his and her bathroom retreat worthy of a magazine feature.

When Lucie Hasek Brott, Owner of Creative Elements, and Chelsi Hix, Owner of Chelsi Hix Interiors, joined forces to remodel a primary bathroom in their Colleyville Client’s home, they were presented with the daunting task of combining a couple’s vastly different tastes.

“The clients have very different styles, so the challenge was trying to marry these two into one space – as the clients both wanted this space to reflect their tastes,” Chelsi says.

After fusing styles, the results are a stunning. And the room is as functional as it is lovely, which Lucie says, was all a part of the plan.

“My goal when I see a new space is always seeing what can be done to streamline and give the clients more usable space. Sometimes we have to move walls, and sometimes, just putting the right cabinetry in place makes it more functional,” she says. “I love the structural part of the design.”

Lucie and Chelsi designed storage towers flanking the vanity to add storage and sparkle. “We love adding towers when we have the space,” Lucie says. “With the mirrored antique glass inserts, one doesn’t have to be super tidy on the inside, while the glass adds another illuminating element.”

The cabinetry is painted Natural Tan by Sherwin Williams – a neutral color that works well with warmer finishes but is light enough to compliment the white walls and trim.

“It is warm and feels luxurious,” Lucie says.

But perhaps the most stunning elements of the bathroom are the wood-paneled walls behind the vanities and tub.

“Chelsi and I saw this a few years ago and have been wanting to find the right client for this application,” Lucie says. “It’s manly, sultry and makes a statement. Our clients are empty nesters and wanted a grown-up master suite retreat. The husband also wanted his mark in this bathroom, so this white oak wood paneling was perfect for the space.”
Laminated marble countertops were used to achieve a thicker counter appearance. And large-profile porcelain tiles that mimic marble were used for the floors and shower walls.

Chelsi says porcelain tiles are becoming a favorite for clients.

“Porcelain has come a long way recently. Full porcelain slabs in the showers, behind tubs and large floor tiles that look like marbles are popping up everywhere,” she says.

“They are modern in size, however, boast some very rich, gorgeous colors, which make them a showstopper for this transitional bathroom,” Lucie says.  

Alabaster and gold light sconces, resembling pieces of art, flank each mirror. And a stunning crystal chandelier adds the ultimate cherry on top.

All the elements combine to successfully create a unique and luxurious bathroom retreat reflecting the personal styles of the homeowners, who are sure to enjoy the space for many years to come.

For more information about Creative Elements, visit And follow Chelsi Hix Interiors on social media @chelsihixinteriors. 

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