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Photo Credits: Oakstone Land & Capital, LLC

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Living Large in Tiny Homes

Nestled in the charming woodscapes of Monteagle Tennesee, lies investment gems unlike any other of the south. Chip Haynes, the developer, and CEO of retreat at Oakstone had an amazing vision that transformed Monteagle and the surrounding areas. By utilizing expert Swiss designers and their unique space-saving ideas, he managed to create a community of tiny homes with a modern twist. Primarily, appeals to nature lovers and peace-seekers alike. This convenient housing provides folks with the amenities of home life yet eliminates the need for heavy maintenance and stress of caring for a larger home so that occupants can focus on activities and relaxation. 

The community provides a serene environment of a gated community with the simplicity of nature surrounding each building. “The area alone tends to be cooler by 10 degrees, which makes building bonfires and spending ample time outdoors still enjoyable, even throughout the summer months” claimed Lea Anne Bedsole, a REALTOR with Compass RE. Many activities are within reach, just outside of the community, such as driving through the picturesque town of Sewanee, hiking the many trails that weave within the forests and to a private lake in Tracy City, golfing at dreamy courses near High Point, zip-lining, cavern exploration in Pelham, and satisfying the palate at a plethora of restaurants close by. 

With all these enticing and positive traits of the tiny home community and the vast landscapes that surround it, the homes sell and rent quite rapidly, which is to be expected for such a desired package of bliss. And since the homes are in such high demand, there are future goals of expansion that naturally follow these desires. The retreat community at Deerlick is the first of the tiny homes for the area and has led to ventures of the larger development within the Waters Edge retreat and lots are becoming available at the Sunset Bluff space. Plans for further expansion are also in the works and many folks are anticipating what will be next! 

Not only do these tiny home communities bring value and tourism to the surrounding areas, but often people decide to build full-size homes for retirement and make life changes for a more permanent state of calm. Some travelers would also say these tiny homes are the perfect alternative to hotel or motel stay during vacations. Whether you are wanting to live full-time, part-time or just rent during a vacation, these tiny homes are perfect for your next getaway!

  • Photo Credits: Oakstone Land & Capital, LLC
  • Photo Credits: Oakstone Land & Capital, LLC
  • “With its scenic and stress-free atmosphere, the tiny home community is a lifestyle choice for those who want to escape into nature & relaxation.”-LeaAnne Beds