Living Longer and Looking Younger

Anti-aging Procedures for the Modern Man

We are living longer and more fulfilling lives than ever before, and many of us want to look as good as we feel. People are taking care of themselves more, and aiming to maintain a high quality-of-life, which can include a youthful appearance. While the stereotype of seeking the fountain of youth is typically attributed towards women, in recent years, the number of men seeking plastic surgery procedures has skyrocketed.

In fact, in the last twenty years men are beginning to invest in plastic surgery almost as often as women do. Whether through the rise of images seen in social media, or wanting to remain competitive in the job market, or dating later in life – men are feeling the pressure to seek cosmetic enhancements. Quadruple-board certified doctor, Dr. Dhaliwal, of Adara Plastic Surgery, says this trend is not only becoming more common, but more accepted.

“Men are ever more accepting of cosmetic enhancements in general, and many and many men are seeking out these services themselves. Men are more aware of the wide array of available cosmetic services and procedures offered. Each year more of them elect to have them performed” says Dr. Dhaliwal. “Every day we are seeing a larger segment of our patient population to be men and this trend has no signs of slowing down.”

Over that last several years there has been an abundant increase in available options for non-invasive procedures, which offer effective, almost immediate results with minimal downtown. Non-invasive procedures are the fastest growing segment of cosmetic procedures and this is driven by patient demand.

“Men are no exception, as many of them desire minimally invasive procedures that have instant results with minimal to no downtime” says Dr. Dhaliwal.

Dr. Dhaliwal’s top requested non-invasive procedures for men: 1. “Brotox” is becoming a more common term in the cosmetic arena. We have many male patients looking to improve their appearance, particularly with non-invasive methods that soften and often eliminate facial wrinkles, with no downtime and effects are seen within 2-10 days. 2. Injectable facial filler technology has dramatically improved over the last several years and many men are wanting to soften creases and restore facial volume, or even augment other facial features (such as jaw line, chin, or nose). Fillers are highly customizable, and are not permanent, which allows patients to go back to their original facial shape should they desire. 3. Men are also requesting non-invasive facials that help improve their skin pigmentation and textures. Skin tightening is also becoming more popular among men. Procedures typically have no downtime and results are seen by 8-12 weeks after the treatment. We also see this for younger men wanting to improve their acne. Adara Surgical Institute is a premiere surgery and aesthetic clinic, offering cosmetic and oral surgery procedures performed by quadruple board certified doctor, Dr. Dhaliwal. Dr. Dhaliwal actively performs surgery in all areas, dividing his time with simple oral surgery procedures to complicated facial and body re-constructive surgeries.

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