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Living on Cloud Wine

a unique approach to wine tasting

Jana Powell invites you to treat your closest friends, family, co-workers, or clients to a private wine tasting with All About The Grapes. Jana recently hosted Short Pump City Lifestyle at one of her in-home parties.

At her events, guests taste and compare multiple wines without the bias that naturally comes from seeing the bottle label or knowing the price. This allows each person to explore specifically what is resonating with their individual palate. There are no wrong answers! Guests are often surprised by the wines with which they are connecting. It might be a grape they thought they didn’t like, or the least expensive wine served. While wining and dining, Jana entertains her guests with fascinating facts about each of the wines served.

Unlike a tasting at a winery, Jana does not sell any of the wines she provides during her events. Instead, she lets guests discover what they enjoy and then provides them with the name of the wine and where to purchase it themselves. This takes the pressure to buy out of the experience and leaves only the fun!

Jana takes great care to create the highest quality party for you and your guests. Everything is customized to you. Whether you prefer a more intimate setting at your home or an upscaled experience in a venue of your choice, Jana has options to suit every style and budget.

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  • Guests: Scott and Samantha Glass, Michael Meadows, Greg and Laurel Otey, and Brian and Joanna Tannenbaum

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