Making your Dreams a Reality Show

Grateful to showcase their skills!

Windsor residents and business owners of HOMESMITH, LLC, Tyler and Kimberly Stein, were recently able to be contestants on the reality TV show called “The Blox”.  Although the Stein’s can’t say who won the season eight series that just finished filming, they can say the experience was invaluable. That experience opened them to several new strategies and business ideas that they are implementing to help them become more successful with newfound enthusiasm and confidence.

“The Blox'' reality TV show brings together seventy different businesses that compete in entrepreneurial techniques and is hosted by actor and reality star Wes Bergmann. 

For Tyler and Kimberly, the journey to “The Blox” began when Tyler was a young boy influenced partially by his father, who was an engineer. Tyler witnessed him complete construction projects with multiple materials growing up. Another mentor he shared, specifically to residential construction was his high school Home Construction teacher Bob, who opened his eyes to strategies, methods, and the pleasure of home construction that helped him realize he wanted to pursue it further and follow his love for building.

HOMESMITH, LLC was born out of necessity, but it was always a seed growing roots in the background of Tyler's Life. Having been in the general contracting industry for over 25 years, both Tyler and his wife Kimberly were raised in general contracting homes and backgrounds, making it something that aligns with the core of who they are. When deciding to go all in on their dreams, they both felt excited and enthusiastic knowing it was a natural path for them to walk. Their passion and goals are to help homeowner’s renovation dreams come true to live comfortably in their own space.

For Tyler and Kimberly, being part of “The Blox” has helped them grow professionally. They love the creative challenges that come with each new project, and they're grateful for the opportunity to showcase their skills and passion for construction on a national stage. 

So if you're a fan of entrepreneurial reality shows, be sure to check out “The Blox” and follow Tyler and Kimberly’s journey. “The Blox” season 8 will be aired in about 7 months (look for it in fall or winter of this year) on Facebook TV and on the App called “The Blox”.

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