Living the American Dream

The content creator slash realtor sharing his love of Maine with the nation

Late last year, local real estate agent Chris Davis announced that he was selected as the new host and production manager of the Emmy-nominated television series The American Dream, which was expanding into Maine. We sat down with Chris to learn more about his journey from aspiring actor to television host and what he believes makes the Pine Tree State unique.

Chris Davis

Have you always been interested in content creation? What about real estate?

Life has an amazing way of putting you on a journey when you just let it. I went to school to be an actor and moved to New York, then came back to Maine because I didn’t love the city lifestyle and needed to find a job to support my family. I knew I had the personality and confidence for sales, but it took me five different jobs to arrive at real estate. I always felt that I had something to offer, and I never knew what it was until I did some training and realized that I had a brand I wanted to put out there. When I worked for other companies, it felt like that brand was muffled. Getting into real estate, I realized I had a great way of engaging with my audience through content creation on social media.

Tell me more about The American Dream: Selling Maine—what is it, and how did you get involved?

It’s a lifestyle and culture slash real estate show centered around a local community—in this case, the state of Maine—where we show people on a national level what Maine is all about. There are four of us who make up the show and we each produce our own segment, so it gives audiences a really fun way to see four different personalities, four different ways of producing and hosting, and ultimately four different listings throughout Maine on each episode. Right now, it's streaming on Amazon, Apple TV, Hulu, and Roku.

I got involved when another agent in my market named Stacy Salvo reached out to me. She had been approached by someone in Colorado who wanted to expand the brand into Maine, and she recommended that I set up an interview because she knew about my storytelling background. I was invited to join the show and filmed my first episode in Bridgton in December, which premiered last month.

What do you think is special about living in Maine?

Maine has this intrinsic quality that allows people to be aspirational in our dreams and pragmatic in our approach. I think it's our state's storied past and beauty that allows us all to dream the same dream. We strive to be what we see around us and we strive to enjoy Maine in every corner. I find those moments of enjoying the state's natural beauty are the times I get incredibly inspired for a new business idea, a new marketing idea, or a new venture that will help continue to support my family.

If you have a listing you’d like Chris to highlight on the show, feel free to reach out at 207-756-2442 or email

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Enjoying our state’s natural beauty is when I'm most inspired for a new business idea, marketing idea, or venture that will continue to support my family.

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