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Living Well at Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún

Spend the holidays in paradise at this luxury, all-inclusive, adults-only resort.

Article by Jenny Hart

Photography by Tony Powell

Originally published in Potomac Lifestyle

To step inside the Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún is to immediately feel comfortable, soothed, and at peace; it’s as if you’re meant to be there. The glass lobby is brightly lit, with enticing views of the horizon visible through its tall windows, and offers newcomers two pleasant greetings: one for the nose, by way of the resort’s powerful aromatherapy– every public space, from the lobby to the hallways lined with guest rooms, boasts its own signature scent. The other is for the ears and heart: staff members who say sincerely with a smile, “Welcome home.”

This message will be repeated throughout your stay. Unlike most resorts, who treat guests as if they are… well, guests… Live Aqua’s perspective is that the resort is your sanctuary, playground, and yes, home, during your time there.

It’s clearly a messaging that works, as the number of loyal, repeat guests the brand hosts is rather outstanding. Anyone who has clocked at least two visits to a Live Aqua property (there are six throughout Mexico, and as of this year, one in the Dominican Republic) is bestowed the title of being a certified “Aqua Lover.” Fans of the brand wear this title proudly; one even went on to create a private Facebook group for regular and prospective visitors of the Cancún property that now has over 13,000 members.

Employees, too, are treated well and kept happy; Live Aqua, the most upscale brand in Posadas’ La Colección Resorts portfolio, has a much higher than average staff retention rate, says general manager, Alfredo Santamaria (who has been at the Cancún property for 10 years himself, and has no desire to ever leave). The way a company supports and empowers their employees is more important now than ever before, considering the devastating impact the pandemic has had on the hospitality industry.

The thoughtful welcome continues into your guest room, where you’ll find a colorful and personalized message painted on the bathroom’s glass wall (“Our housekeepers have a graffiti problem!” joked Santamaria when I complimented the design) and at night, a pair of slippers by the bed embroidered with your name.

Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún is a luxury, all-inclusive, adults-only property, that caters to (and pleases) a truly diverse audience. In the Aqua Club, a VIP lounge on the property’s fifth floor that offers private check-in and check-out, as well as access to premium snacks and liquors, I met Joe Petri, the district manager of Home Depot in Buffalo, New York. “You’re probably wondering what a guy that looks like me is doing here,” he quipped with a wink, waving a hand at his tattooed skin.

Petri, 52, and his wife are “Aqua Lovers” to the core. This is their second visit to the Cancún property; they first fell in love with the resort on an anniversary trip five years ago, and were determined to make it back. “Everything about this place is fantastic,” he says, noting that they already reserved a room to come back again next year.

By the pool, I met DC area resident and Potomac Lifestyle reader, Yemisi Egbewole, 29, a legislative assistant at the White House. She booked her stay at the Live Aqua on a whim with a group of fellow young politicos a mere week earlier, and was excited to cut loose and have a bit of fun after working hard for the current and previous administrations. “Here’s to vacation and taking a break!” she said, raising a glass.

And by the beach, I met Kitzia Mitre, a 36-year-old socialite and star of the Netflix reality show, Made in Mexico. She and her husband came to Cancún for a long weekend to celebrate their birthdays, and were excited to spend time by the ocean and order room service to their suite, all while sharing their journey with her 217K Instagram followers. Mitre lives near the Live Aqua Urban Resort in Mexico City and “loves the brand.”

No matter what you’re looking to get out of your vacation, the Live Aqua has it. Romance and relaxation? Every room at the resort has an oceanfront view and balcony, and with 24/7 room service, you’ll be in no rush to leave – except to visit the Feel Harmony Spa, which offers a wide variety of therapeutic treatments including massages, wraps, baths, and facials.

Fun in the sun? In addition to a white sand beach with turquoise waters, the resort has seven pools of different sizes and temperatures, many of which spill into each other, making for a creative design. Parts of the pool area (namely, the rows of cabanas guests are able to reserve) are tranquil, making an excellent spot to read or catch a tan. In the center, you’ll find upbeat activities like water aerobics, an attentive waitstaff happy to refresh your next beverage, and an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, perfect for photo opps.

The food at the Live Aqua is better than expected for an all-inclusive, too. The resort has more than eight different restaurants, with cuisines ranging from Mexican to Italian to Mediterranean to Asian fusion. The menus as they stand are excellent, but so is the chef’s willingness and ability to meet any diner’s needs. Potomac Lifestyle photographer Tony Powell follows a strict vegan diet, and Live Aqua’s chef went out of his way to create customized, off-menu dishes for him at every meal.

If you’re thinking of traveling this winter, there’s no better place to head to than the Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancún. Cancún as a destination continues to take COVID-19 precautions very seriously, and that extends to the resort, as well. Everyone is required to wear masks when moving through public spaces, and the outdoor areas are set up in a way that’s very comfortable to socially distance. Personally, there’s nowhere else that I’d rather socially distance myself from my worries than under the Mexican sun with a margarita from Live Aqua in my hand.

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