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Living Well Nutrition Creates Customized Weight Loss Plans

Owner Kristy Hall Explains the Benefits of the Metabolic Balance Program

We all want to live our best lives and to be our best selves. For many of us the hardest part about losing weight is finding something that works and sticking with it. With the number of ‘miracle’ products that are on the market it can feel overwhelming to decipher what works and what might be dangerous. Not to mention the billions that Americans spend each year in the quest to lose weight and gain energy. 

Over time our bodies change through environmental and hormonal fluctuations. Even the healthiest individuals can find themselves unable to lose stubborn fat. Metabolic Balance is a physician designed weight loss program that resets your metabolism through a completely customized plan, created just for you. Just like people, no two plans are alike.

Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance is a program created by the late German physician, Dr. Wolf Funfack, who dedicated his life and work to helping individuals stay healthy. After years of study and practice he came up with a system that takes into account each individual patient, which lends itself to significant long-term weight loss. In fact the long-term weight loss results are twice that of the most popular weight loss options available. Metabolic Balance analyzes the unique body chemistry, diagnoses, medications, and food preferences of each individual.

To get a better understanding of how Metabolic Balance works, we sat down with Kristy Hall, a functional epigenetic nutritionist and owner of Living Well Nutrition at The Center for Epigenetic Counseling. Kristy has a masters in nutrition, and is certified in functional medical nutrition therapies, culinary genomics, epigenetic nutrition, and works as a metabolic balance coach and gluten-free practitioner. 

Kristy explains, “There are no supplements or packaged foods with this program. It’s all about real food.” 

The overall goal is to balance the body’s hormones for fat storage, energy, and appetite, without losing muscle mass. Eventually clients are weaned off the nutrition plan, with the knowledge and tools to allow their body to function at its very best.

The intention of Kristy’s practice is to help reverse health decline and increase wellness, while also specializing in chronic diseases such as hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes. Unlike many diets, caloric intake is not the focus of Metabolic Balance; attaining optimal health is the focus.

The Metabolic Balance program runs a series of labs and analyzes any diagnoses the patient may have. Metabolic Balance provides 8-10 one-on-one coaching sessions throughout the weight loss process. There are also three webinars, which help to educate and encourage their patients. An Inbody scale is used at weigh-ins, to measure how much visceral fat (the fat that puts stress on the body’s organs) a person has. This information is entered into a database along with a multitude of other information, which helps design a plan that will work for your body. If you are ready to lose weight, get your health back and live your best life, Metabolic Balance may be your answer. For more information or to schedule a no-obligation Discovery appointment visit Living Well Nutrition.