Local Artist Spotlight

These creatives are making the world more beautiful, and making us think

Chelsea Oguike, The AmazonArtist

The AmazonArtist’s roots trace back to the vibrant heritage of Nigeria, and she blends artistic talent with a dedication to advancing racial equity. She uses acrylic paint to create a distinctive style characterized by vivid colors, dynamic shapes, and bold compositions with an overarching sense of elegance. Oguike stands on the forefront of creativity and social consciousness. theamazonartist.wixsite.com/theamazonartist 

Jason Matias

Matias is a photographer with a painterly aesthetic who focuses his work on an idea he calls “Comfortable Isolation.” His work creates space for clarity and solitude for its collectors. “I want people to be able to step away from the world and its distractions to find themselves alone and to feel… okay about it.” Visit jasonmatias.com

Diego Fidelis

Fidelis lives in beautiful Washington. Born in Brazil, art and music have stirred in his blood since he can remember. As a self-taught musician, he recognized that paintings could have a blending of passion, atmosphere and drama similar to music. He is also inspired by shapes found in nature and architecture. Email: fidelis@blu88art.com, website: blu88art.com

Kay Bae

She honed her skills in collage and various artistic disciplines. With a scientific background, she blends creativity and a systematic approach to explore the beauty of lines, shapes, colors, and spatial relationships in nature and the man-made world. She practices, volunteers and instructs, driven by her passion for art and a desire to share it with others. Kaybaeart.com

Rick Berman

I have been a maker my entire life, using art to tell stories and express my curiosity about humanity and the planet. Through the marriage of concrete, steel and color, I honor my values of creativity, spirituality and justice. My current themes include Togetherness, Offering, and Earth (concern for our planet). My work can be found at rickbermanstudio.com

Jordan Bye

Bye has been passionate about art his entire life and painting professionally since 2013. An abstract artist with an emphasis on organic geometry and color gradients, his paintings are born of whimsical drawings of lines. Jordan’s goal as an artist is to better understand mental health and to create spaces of healing through color therapy and curiosity. jordanbyeart.com

Charles Conner AKA The Original Spur

Conner has been an artist since age four when he learned to draw Ninja Turtles. He joined the military at 17 and was later called into active duty, forcing him to leave college. Following struggles with PTSD, he now creates one-of-a-kind abstract pieces with vibrant colors and a semi-realistic interpretation of his surroundings from the Black man's perspective. Creativity, Positivity, Individuality. Theoriginalspur.com

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