14th Annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art

Philip Carlton and John Lintott

Western Colorado is home to incredibly talented people. From mountain bikers to race car drivers (see the May 2021 issue), to football players, and local painters Philip Carlton and John Lintott. Both of whom have been invited to the Annual Grand Canyon Celebration of Art (CoA). CoA invites artists to paint “en plein air” (outside on location) for a week at the Grand Canyon. It is quite an accomplishment to get an invite to this exclusive event and it is really cool that western Colorado is represented by two incredibly talented artists! 

Philip started out in engineering and physics but found a love of painting after a college art class and a trip to the Grand Tetons. Philip has been working towards painting at the Grand Canyon CoA. John started out in Landscape architecture but shifted into studying art in college. He has been painting for 25 years and enjoys the challenge of scenery paintings. He enjoys hiking into unfamiliar landscapes and being able to share that with others. This is his second year at the CoA.

The works produced at CoA will be shown in an exhibition that extends for four months. This year, many of the 22 participating artists will paint along the South Rim from September 10–16. Visitors to Grand Canyon will be able to view the artists as they create their work interpreting the ever-shifting view of the Grand Canyon. This event is open to the public, and the completed paintings will be available for purchase on-site.

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