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Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season With Your Family and Co-Workers

Global Down Syndrome Foundation —

Details: Officially founded in 2009, the Global Down Syndrome Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of people with down syndrome through medical care, research and education and advocacy. 

Ways to get involved: Volunteer in the foundation’s office or during a program or event. Volunteers can assist with mailings and general office tasks, help solicit items for the silent auction or general donations and assist with event registration. You can also become a corporate partner. 

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund —

Details: Supporting and empowering women through all aspects of life is what the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (WGEF) is all about. The Denver-based organization offers a variety of programs aimed at strengthening communities and families while also addressing inequality and poverty. 

Ways to get involved: Tax-deductible donations are always welcomed and help the organization offer loans for women starting their own business or seeking literacy training. Volunteers are also needed to build awareness about the fund’s programs in Uganda. WGEF is also looking for board and committee members.

PawsCo —

Details: Denver-based nonprofit PawsCo takes a proactive and comprehensive approach to animal welfare and pet homelessness. The organization helps dogs and cats through pet food drives, adoptions, fostering, outreach and much more. 

Ways to get involved: Becoming a foster parent or adopting an animal at PawsCo are two ways to get involved. You can also sign up to volunteer or make a donation to help provide animals with food, check-ups, vaccines, microchips and other medical care. 

SAME Café — 

Details: SAME Café is a donation-based, fair exchange restaurant that serves meals to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. The nonprofit’s mission is to create community through healthy food access.

Ways to get involved: In exchange for a meal, people can donate money or produce, or volunteer their time. Volunteers are also welcome and assist the cafe in food preparation, serving, dishwashing, cleaning table and more. 

Kenzi’s Causes —

Details: Jessica Bachus’ daughter Kenzi was stillborn, so in 2007, she started Dolls for Daughters—an annual holiday toy drive for children in Colorado. Now, 14 years later, Kenzi’s Causes aims to change the lives of low-income children through programs and by collecting toys, books, backpacks, lunch boxes, stocking stuffers and so much more.  

Ways to get involved: Kenzi’s Causes loves volunteers to teach classes, help run programs and work behind the scenes. The nonprofit also welcomes monetary, non-perishable food or vehicle donations and sponsors. You can also host a drive to gather school supplies or toys for the holidays.

Art for the Nations —

Details: Artist Lisa Ambler created the idea for Art for the Nations, or AFN, in 1992 on a trip to Juarez, Mexico. During her visit, she drew photos in the dirt and quickly caught the attention of several boys and girls realizing the need to offer art supplies to children. Since 2004, AFN has been providing art supplies to more than 1.2 million children in 140 countries. 

Ways to get involved: Shop AFN’s online boutique where all proceeds are used to purchase additional art supplies. You can also volunteer by painting and filling canvas bags at AFN’s space in Cherry Creek North or make a donation to the nonprofit

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