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How has New Gild evolved since you opened?

New Gild started as two people with high standards and a big idea in a small storefront off the beaten path in Linden Hills. We wanted to embrace quality, honesty, luxury, and beauty in a comfortable and accessible environment. This April marks our fifth anniversary and we have grown so much in that time. Since our start, we moved our studio to a larger, more central retail space where more people can find us. Our team has grown from two to seven! We opened the New Gild Gem Lab, a location devoted to our gemology and appraisal services.  Over time, we've created a unique aesthetic in our work that defines our brand.  We've evolved into making more luxurious pieces than ever before, and we just love making people sparkle--which was the big idea in the first place.

Tell Us about New Gild's ready-to-wear pieces and what makes them unique?

Unlike other stores that order manufactured pieces from big jewelry companies, we make the pieces in our cases, one at a time, the old-fashioned way.  Everything starts with our deep appreciation for gemstones, which we handpick one at a time from our friends and partners in mining and cutting.  This approach allows us to specialize in gems like spinel that big-box jewelers just don't carry.  We love everything from sapphire to beryl and unusual diamonds, too.  The pieces we've crafted for our cases are designed by us and made from gems right here in our studio, using precious metals and expert craftsmanship, and of course love.  The resulting treasures are each so unique and imaginative, and they carry with them the legacy of our work and passion.

What types of unique pieces would you recommend for gifting?

A gift of jewelry in and of itself says something, and that something is, "you're truly special."  Rings tend to be uniquely romantic, although they can also be given to anyone towards whom we feel tender.  Bracelets, earrings, and necklaces make lovely gifts for anyone on your list.  We love opals in pendants and earrings because that's a tender stone that can break more easily in a ring.  We love "misfit" diamonds that have unique clarity characteristics and unusual cuts, as chances are the recipient is also unique and unusual.  We carry Montana sapphire jewelry, and this domestic gemstone is so beautiful and a perfect choice for anyone with a connection to the northwest or just someone who appreciates a gem mined here in the states.  Aquamarine is a gem with special meaning for some; gemstone lore says that sailors took them out to sea to ensure they could find their way back, making it a wonderful gift to someone for whom our heart is their home.  Because we have hundreds of one-of-a-kind items in inventory, we can help our clients find something that is both beautiful and symbolic.

Do you carry jewelry for bridal, vow renewal, and commitment ceremonies?

The way we go about making jewelry is down-to-earth, local, and thoughtful.  We love crafting one-of-a-kind commitment jewelry for one-of-a-kind couples. Our craft-focused process attracts couples looking for pieces that represent their unique love stories. Whether we start from scratch or choose something from our cases depends entirely on our clients. Our custom process allows couples to be involved in the creation of their piece from start to finish. Our couples are so gracious to include us in their love stories and we are honored to be included. Our couples find the process of designing commitment jewelry to be fun, informative, and completely special. 

Can you share some of your customer's frequent questions when they visit New Gild for the first time?

Clients often ask right away, "why does it feel so different here?"  Most people are accustomed to more traditional store displays and offerings, and they respond positively to an environment where the pieces have "story" and the staff love their work.  They sometimes ask why they haven't heard of some of the gemstones we carry, and the answer is, because we buy them one at a time.  A large jewelry chain needs to make a significant number of any one item to ensure it's available across all their stores--not us.  We are also asked often about the ethical and environmental aspects of our materials.  All of our metals are recycled, and we offer diamonds from Canada and gemstones from small, artisanal mines.  All of our diamonds are purchased under the Kimberley process, which unites administrations, civil societies, and industry in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds.  We love using our clients' own inherited diamonds and gemstones, too, to incorporate the past into a beautiful new story.

In celebration of women and Mother's Day - are there any influential women that have helped New Gild's journey? 

Our start-up capital was loaned by Women Venture, a Twin Cities non-profit that exists to provide training, loans, coaching, and a community of support addressing the unique obstacles to business ownership that women face.  We've met and been inspired and helped by so many of Women Venture's staff members and volunteers that it's hard to name names!  Suffice it to say that this organization has helped so many, and we're lucky to count ourselves on that list.  We also have to acknowledge our mothers, who have supported us from the beginning with their generosity with everything from their opinions to homemade snacks!  They've encouraged us to create and grow New Gild, and their faith in us--even though we're adults--means everything.

For more information on New Gild, visit 4300 Upton Ave S., Minneapolis. (612) 402-0561.

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