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Pantry Organization Tips from Designer Danyale Keim

1. What if everything on your countertop had a home? What if you planned your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, and other cabinets so well that all of your clutter could be organized? When designing cabinets, it is most common that we focus on big things like color, style, wood grain, hardware, and countertops. However, it is really the small details that should be the center focus. It’s important to create a space that is both beautiful and functional. Starting in the architectural plan phase, go through cabinet plans so that your appliances, spices, pots, pans, bowls, and food have a home. From depths, widths, heights, and style, we design to fit the needs of your space so that it matches your aesthetic and your items.

2. Gone are the days when we have all of our appliances and utensils out on display. Plan your pantry or kitchen cabinets to have appliance towers, spice drawers, and utensil holders with plugs and pull-out shelves.

3. Incorporating a drink or coffee station makes for easy entertaining. Placing this away from the kitchen workspaces allows guests to serve themselves without congesting the kitchen or interrupting the cook.

4. Organize your food storage so that it is easily accessible and maximizes your space. This can be done with deep drawers and labeled food containers.

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