Local Fall Style Guide

Cute and chic meets casual comfort this season

As summer draws to a close, dreams of cooler air, fire-pits, pumpkins, and golden aspen trees begin to arise. The change of seasons brings the hope of renewal, and as the leaves fall off the trees we are reminded that death is needed for new life to occur.  Let’s face it— this has been a rough summer. With continual closures and quarantines and threats of disease, everyone is craving a change. Though it’d be foolish to think that a change in wardrobe could change everything, it can be a visual representation of an internal decision to do something new this fall. To create new goals, relationships, and mindsets despite the weightiness of the world. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you can genuinely help others feel good. With that, here are some of the trends of fall 2020.

According to Sandy Clement, the owner of Cinderella Ranch Boutique in Parker, comfy casual has been a continual theme throughout the last decade. However, this year, comfortable takes on a new important role. A study from MIT and Stanford found that by the start of April 2020, 35% of workers in the U.S. who previously worked in an office began working from home. Balancing comfort with style is crucial in order to look, feel, and work at one’s best. There’s more than a few ways to accomplish this look. 

Let’s start from the bottom. Getting sneaky with leggings is a great way to feel like you’re wearing pajamas while actually looking chic and sophisticated. Find pairs with fun florals, faux leather, or intricate cut out designs. As always, jeans are a staple. This year, Sandy finds that denim will be darker and cleaner. Instead of having jeans that have more holes than they do material, this fall will bring in smaller rips and deeper denims. If you’re going skinny, look for frayed hems. Otherwise, flare cuts are the move.

As far as tops go, layering is the way to go. In the summer, Sandy saw a massive influx of sheer kimonos over t-shirts and crop tops. The cool-weather twin to this trend is cardigans. Having the right layering pieces in your closet can make a hectic, grab-and-go morning appear like it had forethought to the utmost degree. Consider investing in a dramatic coat for occasions where you want to go out and look professional and posh. It’s an outfit you can repeat time and time again.

Accessories that make a statement, whether it be felt hats or chunky necklaces, can help shake the mundanity of the season and bring a degree of fun. Contrast popping accessories with more subtle colors, as darker hues like blacks and deep grey always do a great job of ushering in colder weather. On the lighter side, pinkish tans like Terra-cotta and earthy greens like sage and olive create a subtle and soft look.

Play around, experiment, thrift, and create whatever style it is that makes you feel like you this fall. And consider our friends at Parker Panache and Cinderella Ranch, who provided all of the attire pictured in this article. Shop local-- and look great while doing it.

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