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Local Family On A Mission To Bring ‘More Life’ To Community

Spring Hill is home to a new location of Orangetheory Fitness. It is the third franchise for owners and operators Meghan and Scott Littlejohn, joining their studios in Franklin and Murfreesboro. The Littlejohns have a very personal connection to the program’s mission and the importance of exercise in overall health and well-being. “It changed our lives and we made it our mission to change others’ lives through Orangetheory,” says Meghan.

Several years ago while living in South Florida, Meghan suffered a near-fatal case of meningitis and acute encephalitis, resulting in a traumatic brain injury which left her unable to perform basic life skills. “Our children were young, it was the scariest time in
our lives,” recalls Scott, who is a cardiology physician assistant. “Meghan was an executive in a national healthcare recruiting firm, who then, amongst many things, could not read or write.”

She endured two years of intense rehabilitation, but after exhausting efforts to improve her cognitive and neurologic function, her doctor prescribed two hours a week at Orangetheory Fitness, as exercise is proven to increase blood flow to the brain and
stimulate the nervous system.

“My husband and I joined Orangetheory and I was so intimidated. I didn’t know if I could keep up. But they greeted us like family,” she says. “After the first month, my brain function was so much better. I quickly noticed results, both physically and mentally. My memory, anxiety and energy were improved. I started getting my life back. It was an unbelievable experience.”

The Littlejohns stuck with the program and eventually decided to open their own studio, relocating from Florida to Williamson County. “We love our community,” she continues. “We hear life changing stories from our members every day. It is so rewarding."

“Life’s hard and people are under a lot of stress. I want them to know that taking a little bit of time for themselves can change everything for the better. The hardest part is showing up. Orangetheory, it is more than a gym, it’s more life.”


"It changed our lives and we made it our mission to change others’ lives through Orangetheory,” says Meghan.

  • Franchise owner Meghan Littlejohn (L) with her husband Scott and Orangetheory Fitness founder, Ellen Latham
  • The Littlejohn Family

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