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Local Fitness Roundup

Fitness Options for Every Lifestyle

1.    Active Life Fitness

Catering to ages 40 and over, Active Life Fitness offers personalized fitness attention through one-on-one personal training, small group training and online personal training. Members can also take advantage of nutrition diet coaching for full-body care. Active Life Fitness encourages members of all fitness levels with programs tailored to individual needs and experience. 

2.    Barre3

Barre3 offers a science-backed fitness plan based on strength, cardio and mindfulness.   A combination of low-impact isometric moves, large-range cardio bursts, and mind-centering breathwork enable a customized experience for all skill levels to feel comfortable.  Members can also take advantage of virtual sessions and on-the-go sessions so you never miss a workout. 

3.    Endure Training Co

Endure’s personalized workout and nutrition plans will help you reach your fitness goals quicker. Whether you want to build strength, increase speed, build endurance, or lose weight, Endure has you covered. Their personalized plans provide sustainable results while their coaches ensure proper technique and form. Members can also take advantage of nutrition guidance and one-on-one coaching.


Sweat it out during HOTWORX’s infrared sauna workouts, designed to raise your body temperature and heart rate, leading to sped-up metabolism and maximum calorie burn. Workouts include HIIT and Isometric (I.e. yoga, Pilates). Working out in an infrared energy environment can activate and strengthen the body’s regenerative process, speeding up recovery. 

5.    Peak Sports Academy

Peak not only offers youth sports programs at a state-of-the-art sports complex such as basketball and volleyball leagues, camps and open gym sessions; they also hold youth training classes for grades 2-12 in the Peak Performance Center to develop physical and mental skills through various strength and conditioning techniques.

6.    PrettyBeastMode Fitness & Nutrition

PrettyBeastMode Fitness offers customized workouts and nutrition guidance to fit each member's individualized fitness goals. PBM creates a supporting environment where clients can become uncomfortable to promote growth. Members learn how to break bad habits and form new ones, such as replacing unhealthy food relationships with feel-good workout sessions to show results on and off the scale.