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Local Ice Cream Sweet Spots

Beat the heat this summer with a tasty treat.

The summer heat is here, and what better way is there to cool off than visiting some of the best ice cream spots in town to have fun with friends and family? We have you covered with both hidden gems and tried and true local shops to beat the heat and enjoy a tasty treat this summer. 

Sweet Science Ice Cream

Locally sourced and organic ingredients, one-of-a-kind flavors. Ice cream base and every syrup, cookie, swirl and crunch is made by hand in St. Paul.

3919 Market Street, Edina, Minnesota 55424

La Michoacana Rose Edina

Traditional ice cream, exotic flavors like dragon fruit, and ice cream bars in more than a dozen taste varieties like Fruity Pebbles, avocado, and strawberries and cream.

5055 France Ave S, Edina, Minnesota 55410

Snuffy's Malt Shop

Serving everyone's favorite old fashioned malts, burgers, and snacks for over 35 years. 

4502 Valley View Rd, Edina, Minnesota 55424

Shake Shack

Soft, premium ice cream, made in house daily only with the good stuff: real cane sugar and cage-free eggs. Enjoy shakes and frozen custard.

6603 France Ave S Edina, Mn