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Crafty Creations On Hand (and In-Shower) from One Loveland Artisan

When she was a teenager, Alison Peters enjoyed creating all-natural products at a small shop in downtown Loveland—that passion stuck with her, even after moving to Manhattan. Eventually, she moved back, eager to pick up where she’d left off. “I always loved thinking of new designs or scent combinations for the bars of soap,” she says. “Those thoughts eventually grew loud enough that I needed to make my dream a reality.”

That dream is now The Lavender Sachet, where Alison creates a wide selection of handcrafted, limited-edition soap products. “Every soap is truly one of a kind.”

But bringing joy to others is at the heart of Alison’s soapy artistry. “Whether it be the design, fragrance, lather, or the minute of solitude found while using my products,” she says. “If even one customer lets me know how happy their soap made them while washing their hands or during their morning shower, I’m reassured that the work I’m contributing to the world is positive and meaningful.”

The Lavender Sachet can be found at Loveland, Blue Ash and Montgomery farmers markets from May until October—or shop gifts and indulgences online at her site. Alison also recommends following her on Instagram (@thelavendersachet) for new soap drops, product updates, pop-up shop dates and upcoming workshops.

Amethyst Soaps
One of the very first soaps Alison crafted was her lavender-scented Amethyst soaps—no surprise, these have proven to be an enduring bestseller (Mother’s Day ideas, remember?).

Terrazzo Soaps
Noticing the popularity of terrazzo décor, Alison decided to incorporate this trend into some of her soaps. The Ylang Ylang + Lime Terrazzo soaps “smell like a summer stroll,” she says.

Shower Steamers
Alison’s even turned ordinary showers into an aromatherapy spa—try her shower steamers in Calming Lavender, Rise + Shine Citrus (grapefruit, bergamot and lemon blend) and Breathe Easy (with eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and menthol).

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